Wireless router advice

  Clapton is God 09:16 21 Dec 2010

I’ve finally moved into the 21st century and replaced my old Tiscali USB ADSL modem with a wireless router.

I’m very pleased with it and getting increased speeds as well.

Two questions:

• whenever I’m away from the house for an extended period (holidays, for example) is it sensible to switch the router off at the mains to reduce the risk of electrical problems or fire, in the same way that I’d switch off other electrical equipment?

• if I do switch the router off, will my PC automatically detect the wireless signal when I switch it back on again or will I have to re-set passwords, etc?

  961 09:18 21 Dec 2010

Yes to both

My router is switched off each night and works quite happily each day after it is switched on at the same time as the computer

  rawprawn 09:19 21 Dec 2010

Question 1. Yes
Question 2. There will be no problem when you switch it back on again, and there will be no need to re enter any settings.

  Clapton is God 09:24 21 Dec 2010

Thanks for your prompt responses!

  spuds 12:08 21 Dec 2010

Perhaps a silly add-on to the question raised, and apologies for hijacking the thread.

If the router was 'shut-off' by a mains switch action, would this be any different to the device being 'shut-off' by its own on/off switch?.

Thinking of memory failure!.

  Woolwell 12:18 21 Dec 2010

I switch my router off every night by mains switch and have have had no problems at all and in fact my current router hasn't got its own switch.

  gazzaho 12:38 21 Dec 2010

I've found when powering back on to switch them back on in order and wait until each device has stabilised. Modem, router then computer, this will ensure addresses are assigned properly.

My router doesn't have a power switch, if it does I haven't found it, I cycle the power by pulling the power cord on mine with no trouble. I leave my router on however and only cycle power when a problem arises, which isn't very often. I would use the wall switch to save wear and tear on the cable if constantly powering off and on though.

  March Hare 12:46 21 Dec 2010

As above, I've been powering down my router and modem (same plug) by pulling the plug out of the wall socket and plugging it in next morning for months. My laptop has always automatically connected to the router when I switch it on.

  spuds 12:58 21 Dec 2010

The reason that I asked, was because I use to switch off all my devices via the main switch, excluding the computer which shut-down maturely.I then began to have problems with a printer (after a year or so), and upon checking the manufacturer stated that it was because I wasn't using the on/off switch on the printer, and shutting-down the printer in an orderly manner.

I also had a problem with the Tiscali/Siemens supplied router, which reset itself to factory settings, and eventual disconnection from service. Never did get to the mystery of that one, but since then I have always switch the router off via its own switch.

  commanderkeen 19:15 22 Jan 2011

I have the same question as spuds. If the router is switched on or off from wall switch, is it the same as switching it on or off from the power button provided on the router. I have bought a new TP-LINK TL-740N router, and I want to know that which is the the better method for turning it on and off.

  robin_x 19:38 22 Jan 2011

If you turn off at the router the power supply is probably still powered (definitely if it is external PSU)

Better to turn off at mains.

If you turn off every night, there is a possibility that your ISP thinks you have disconnect problems and may reduce speed to correct the non-existent problem.

If that does happen, leave it on for a few nights and it should be increased again.

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