wireless router

  ging75 21:29 08 Feb 2008

Hi i have just ordered a Belkin Wireless G Router & Wireless G USB Adaptor, to use with my cable modem (virgin Media)i have a desktop pc upstairs and my laptop connected to the modem downstairs, my question is when i have set up my wireless router and connected the wireless usb to my desktop will i be able to use both pc and laptop wirelessly or will i still have to have my laptop wired to the modem.

  Ashrich 23:08 08 Feb 2008

Using both with wireless will be fine ....


  tullie 03:02 09 Feb 2008

Assuming,of course,that Laptop is WiFi enabled.

  ging75 15:20 09 Feb 2008

Yes My laptop is WiFi enabled,it has a Ralink Wirless Lan Card.

  mahalia 22:59 14 Feb 2008

apparently it's 'safer' securiity-wise to hard-wire the router to the PC - having said that, it might not apply to Cable internet...

  Strawballs 23:05 14 Feb 2008

Once you have setup the routers wireless and security then they can both go wireless no problem.

click here

  Kemistri 23:06 14 Feb 2008

I'd like to see anyone, with the possible exception of the CIA, crack their way past WPA or WPA2. WEP is another matter entirely, but no one in their right mind uses that protocol....

For mere mortals, there are really only two advantages to wired LANs -- reliability and local transfer speed.

  ging75 10:47 15 Feb 2008

Hi all thanks for your replys i have now set up both my laptop and my desktop wirelessly, i have set up a wep number, but how do i set wpa or wpa2 mentioned by kemistri, sorry for all the questions but i am a newbie to wireless, also when i switch my pc or laptop on it connects to the internet without asking for passwords or wep numbers is that correct.

  Kemistri 11:56 15 Feb 2008

click here for generic instructions and, above all, read your router's PDF manual for specifics.

  fitcher 14:20 16 Feb 2008

i place a brick under my router to disappate the heat .i thought leaving it on the carpet .made it hotter ,,,i have had several routers over the years and had to replace them .maybe i am mad but it is running cooler ..just watch someone come up with a cooler or an aluminum block . take care mad alan

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