wireless router

  JACC 15:23 20 Jan 2006

My son is still waitng for christmas X-Box 360 and as i'm a soft touch i said i would buy him the gear to play on-line games . He will have the x-box in his room and the pc downstairs , he knows what he needs for the x-box end and has told me i need a wireless router . Is he correct?and could you recommend a good router if he is , i'm being conned ain't i .XP Pro.

  Jdoki 15:35 20 Jan 2006

Could you tell us a bit more about your current broadband set up?

If you are using cable or ADSL.

Do you connect the modem via USB or RJ45 to the PC?

Depending on your current set up then you may have a couple of different options.

I use wireless to connect a couple of PC's and my Xbox360 to the wireless network - it works great. I'm on ADSL and use a D-Link 624+ router/modem.

I also bought higher gain antennas to improve the signal.

  JACC 16:17 20 Jan 2006

Hi Jdoki, i'm with Wanadoo 2mb sevice with a SpeedTouch USB Modem , ADSL . I'm not very sure what i have to get and what to do with it when i do get it , does the speedtouch modem get ditched ? will i still have broadband? will my hair ever grow back ? the last one is optional!

  ade.h 16:29 20 Jan 2006

"Does the Speedtouch get ditched?"


"Will I still have ADSL?"


"Will my hair grow back?"

I doubt it.

If you currently use an external USB modem (as you do) or an internal PCI ADSL modem (as I used to) then they get pensioned off by a modem/router.

Go for either a D-Link or a Belkin (7632, not 72 series) and you'll be happy as Larry. Albeit with a bit less hair.

  JACC 21:30 02 Mar 2006

Could anyone please tell me what they use and would they recommend it?

  phono 21:39 02 Mar 2006

I use a Netgear DG834 modem/router with hardware SPI firewall, this is a wired setup but it has performed faultlessly for over 3 years now.

Wireless versions do exist, the DG834G which is 54 Mbps and the DG834GT which is 108 Mbps, sometimes called super G.

Anybody that I know that has the G and GT versions are extremely satisfied with them.

  JACC 22:02 02 Mar 2006

Thankyou for that phono.

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