Wireless Router

  norwich 11:40 26 Nov 2005

Please could someone help i have broadband with ntl. I have two connections in the house. I know nothing about this things. W e have someone coming to stay with us who will use a bedroom where one of the connection are. He has requested a connection to broadband and the internet. The only thing i know is there a problem with the security and if so can this be overcome in some way.
I would appreciate some help and if you could advise as to which wireless router i should go for.
I thank you all Norwich

  peterb1947 13:20 26 Nov 2005

why dont you just plug the computer into the connection in that room. why do you need a router.

  norwich 14:08 26 Nov 2005

Thanks peterb1947 but i need to run both computors at the same time

Thanks Norwich

  kinger 15:01 26 Nov 2005

click here
I use this brand. You can set security up to suit.

  bazb 16:43 26 Nov 2005

Hi Norwich

if your on cable broadband with ntl then you will need a cable router not ADSL.

  norwich 11:33 27 Nov 2005

Hi chaps
I am very confused now between cable router and a wireless router could someone explain please.

Thanks Norwich

  bananaslik 11:59 27 Nov 2005

Hi norwich,if you r on ntl (as i am)i have a belkin 54mbps wireless router,with this u can connect your cable modem to the back of the router(connect the router to the location where the modem is)then connect the router to the computer via a RJ45 cable,then u will need a wireless reciever pci card to put in the pc that your visitor will be using,once this is done run the network wizard on both computers & u can then use both pc's at the same time.
There may probably b an easier way if u have two lines coming into your home but i don't know what.hope this helps.

  Forum Editor 12:09 27 Nov 2005

and I'll move it there now.

  Forum Editor 12:23 27 Nov 2005

that connects directly to your NTL modem. This router will then distribute your broadband connection to any computer within range - provided it has a wireless network adapter installed. You can see and/or buy such a router if you
click here

The router I've linked to is a Netgear WGT634U

  mgmcc 13:30 27 Nov 2005

<<< I am very confused now between cable router and a wireless router could someone explain >>>

You want a "Wireless" router, but when talking about routers suitable for use with Cable broadband (as opposed to ADSL over the phone line) the expression "Cable" router is frequently used. It has to be a stand-alone router that ISN'T combined with an ADSL modem.

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