wireless router

  jesta 18:08 12 Feb 2005

i have a wireless router and i have 2 pc's running a network with network cables.one pc is running xp pro and the other is windows98 2nd edition.for some reason only the xp pro pc can access the internet. the windows 98 pc use to be the main computer when i was running a internet connection through it,so does anyone know how i can fix this problem so i can access the internet with both computers.cheers

  spikeychris 18:33 12 Feb 2005

Can the 98 machine talk to the router? Can you type the address of the router into the address bar or run box, it will be something like

  zarobian 21:32 12 Feb 2005

Since you are not very clear,I am just asking if you have installed a wireless Network card in your PC running Windows 98? If not you need one of the same type as your Wireless Router.Like 802.11b or 802.11g.The later is compatible to 802.11b.

  jesta 00:13 13 Feb 2005

i might not have stated very clearly but i am running the windows98se by a network CABLE due to faster transfer rate.

  jesta 10:43 13 Feb 2005

i think my windows98 cannot talk to the router,i heard from someone that you need to uninstall the old adsl modem or it will not talk to the router,i have done that but i cannot work out why so help from anyone will be appreciated!

  zarobian 12:26 13 Feb 2005

I know this is some time trouble some. There are two ways about it. Run the Networking Wizard on the Server machine (WinXp) and then on the client machine (Win98).Follow the instructions carefully. ......OR....
I was just reading PC ADVISOR Magazine,April 2005 issue page 80 where it states how to renew your IP address for Win98. Thought it is a different subject but can help.
"For Windows 98 and Me,click on start Run,type command, press Enter,type winipcfg/release, press Enter,type the command winipcfg/renew and press Enter."
I am not sure if there is a space between winipcfg and forward slash. If it is a switch command then you need a space.Try both ways.
You can subscribe to the Magazine or buy one from a shop. Usefull.

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