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  hvs 07:54 15 Apr 2004

I need advice please. I want to connect 2 desktop computers via a wireless router. Computer A downstairs and computer B upstairs. I have broadband and am using an adsl speed touch modem, I live in Belgium). What is the best way to do this. I want to be able to use the computer B (internet)without computer A having to be switched on. I also want both pc's to be able to use the printer. I have been told that by plugging the ADSL broadband router (ditching the usb modem) directly into the phone line...... where do I go from here and what else do I need to complete the whole job? would wireless usb adaptors also work? Which router would be best suited?
thank you

  georgemac 08:39 15 Apr 2004

I have been looking into this and have not done it yet so am not an expert.

You would need to purchase 1 wireless router, 1 wireless pci card and one pci network adaptor.

The computer that is beside your phone jack would need the pci network adaptor installed and would connect to the wireless router using a network patch cable. The PC away from the phone adaptor would need to have the wireless pci card installed to communicate with the router.

You do not neccessarily have to buy a router with ADSL modem built in, you may be able to connect your exisiting modem to the router.

To connect with the PC with the wireless card in, you would need only the router and modem to be powered.

When looking at wireless equipment, you will also see a 'b' standard and 'g' standard of equipment. The 'g' standard is 5 times quicker, and is good if you intend to transfer files between computers, but if it is only for ADSL net access the 'b' standard is more than fast enough, and cheaper.

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  georgemac 08:42 15 Apr 2004

I recently changed to a usb printer. My 2 pc's are networke with a crossover cable and 2 pci network cards, and printer sharing used to work OK. Since I installed the usb printer, printer sharing does nor work. You do get some routers specifically with a usb port for usb printer sharing, this is something you may also want to seek advice form others more expert than me, if indeed you have a usb printer.

  byfordr 09:15 15 Apr 2004

Some like this (not sure of Belgium equivilant) click here

With a all-in-one unit you can leave it on, only turning on the pc you need to use. If the modem is connected to a pc you would need to leave that pc on , to use the other one. If one of your pcs is close to the phone line, you can use network cable (cat5) to connect to the all in one unit, saving the cost of a wireless card. If not you need some form of wireless adapter. Pick the wireless standard a, b, or g and stick to it across all the components you use in your network.

You should be able to connect the printer upto one of the pcs and enable sharing on it. If not you may have to invest in a wireless print server click here not exactly cheap...!

Some useful links in this thread

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  hvs 09:40 15 Apr 2004

Thank you all for the responses to my question. To Georgemac, I am waiting for my new PC from Dell which comes with a PRO network card 10/00, is this is different to a PCI card? Is this Pro Network card only for setting up a LAN between 2 computers?

  Budgie100 10:37 15 Apr 2004

The PRO network card 10/100 is a type of PCI card... they are the same thing so you do not need to buy one of these....
One thing not mentioned so far is security... dont want to give you more problems, but I would definately consider an ADSL wireless router with a firewall built in....to try to help protect against hackers etc. I've got a NetGear DG834G and I'm really pleased with it. It autodetected the ADSL settings, and provides a DHCP server (so that the PCs can automatically get an IP address)... search click here (quicklinx=2VCD) for it... it costs about £100 in the UK... not sure about Belgium!

  georgemac 12:15 15 Apr 2004

with budgie100 - a router with an inbuilt firewall is essential and the network card in the dell means you will not have to buy a pci card for that pc - it will connect to the router with a patch cat5 cable.

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