wireless route help!!

  diddi.ash 19:03 31 Dec 2005

I have just bought the wireless linksys WAG54GS, just realised that to connect to my desktop pc i also need a Linksys WMP54G pci adapter as my computer is in the conservatory, is the PCI easy to fit as im not very computer literate, and even better if someone on here could explain how it would fit to my desktop tower?

  diddi.ash 19:17 31 Dec 2005

as it is a plug in card do i have to take the case off my computer or do i just plug it in to somewhere in the back of the tower?

  Skills 19:18 31 Dec 2005

Fitting a PCI card is very easy.

Power down the computer and unplug everything apart from the mains cable. Leave this plugged in but turned off at the wall. This will provide you with a good route to earth so any static charge that you have will be earthed. Now open up the case and touch it so you have discharged yourself. The PCI slots are colour white and to fit the card all you need to do is take off the blanking plate that corrispondes with the slot you are using and then push the card into the slot and secure it in place with the screw.

Close up the PC and plug everything back in windows will now boot up and say found new hardware, have the driver disk to hand that came with the PCI card and insert it.

  diddi.ash 20:10 31 Dec 2005

I have just seen the USB network adapter (wirelesss) would this work the same principal?

  palinka 20:23 31 Dec 2005

diddi.ash, it is , as Skills says, very easy. The first time I ever installed new hardware in a PC I was terrified! But it was actually very easy. Go on, be brave; before you start, take a look at the back of your tower and you'll see several places where the metal is cut away in a rectangle shape almost the whole width of the back but then covered up from inside with another piece of metal. Those other pieces are the "blanking plates" that Skills referred to. Now follow Skills' instructions and at least take a look inside! you'll find the blankiong plates are held in place with a screw and all you have to do is remove one and put the "PCI card" in its place fixing it with the same screw.

  ruskle 20:23 31 Dec 2005

USB ! even easier, just plug it into a spare USB socket and follow the setup guide CD, I have just done one for a bloke using the same Linksys and USB adapter and found it to be the easiest I have used. Follow the manual to the letter and you should be OK. The USB adapter should come with a cable and a gadget to hold the Wi Fi bit on top of the monitor for a better signal path, thats if it is a Linksys. This chap has the same problem as you and needs a long run of wire to his conservatory so has gome Wi Fi.

All the best Russell.

  diddi.ash 20:40 31 Dec 2005

excellent, can i ask you how you fitted the speedbooster cable that came with it as it is not long enough and therefore defeating the object of being wireless, do you have to use it?

  diddi.ash 21:11 31 Dec 2005


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