Wireless reliability problems.

  Tyrathca 17:33 23 Sep 2007

I have recently moved back into my parents' house and have ended up getting stuck with the second floor attic room. They are running a wireless network in the house from a Belkin F5D7231-4 router, which is in the living room on the ground floor and I have a Belkin F5D7000uk 802.11g card in my pc. The router is set to filter MAC addresses and has a 128bit WEP key. The problem I am having is that I disconnect and reconnect on average every 5 minutes or less. What's confusing me the most is that I have used several wireless scanning utilities including the program that ships with my wireless card, and Network Stumbler, and at all times the signal strength is 4/5 or 5/5. Having these issues is driving me up the wall as I cannot download any large files using my web browser (they terminate early and corrupt) and even worse is that I cannot play any online games, since as far as the game servers are concerned I'm just timing out again and again. So my question is... is there anything I can buy (hopefully cheap) that will help stabilise my connection? Or am I stuck until I can find a way to move the router closer to my pc? Or is it something else entirely? Thanks in advance!

  Tyrathca 17:35 23 Sep 2007

I forgot to add that I have checked to make sure that I am using a unique channel in relation to all the other networks in my area. If anyone needs any more information in order to help me out just let me know and I'll take a closer look at the router settings. At the moment i'm loathe to change too much as I'm no expert in these matter, as I'm sure is evident...

  Ashrich 20:41 23 Sep 2007

If you are getting a good signal then it is unlikely that moving closer to the router will help , have you got Windows managing the connection or the supplied Belkin utility ? Try letting Windows manage , it makes a better job of things , make sure that you have the latest drivers , and have a look in Device Manager under the advanced or power tab and turn off all power saving .


  Tyrathca 01:41 26 Sep 2007

Thanks for the reply Ashley!
I've done what you said, and the powermanagement was on. Unfortunately, after turning it off the problem is persisting. Any other ideas?

  T0SH 15:02 26 Sep 2007

Move the laptop closer to the wireless router if then it does not drop the connection the most likely explanation would be signal strength, if the worst comes to the worst this type of device may be a solution
click here

Cheers HC

  Tyrathca 15:39 26 Sep 2007

Unfortunately the PC in question is a desktop, so moving closer to the router isn't really an option. I believe there is a co-ax output in an upstairs room, so I could put the modem and router in there but I would need to purchase another wireless network card for the downstairs PC. Those network plugs look great but at £90 I can't really afford or justify the expense.
Anyone else got any more ideas before I go out and get an extra wireless card?

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