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  collinsc 08:29 06 Mar 2009


I am soon to move out from home to a flat about 200 metres away - i wondered how far a wirless ranges is!? (prob not 200 metres)

Alternatively, i know a neighbour, so perhaps i can negotiate using theirs - what would people recommend i offer them to use their network!?


  kindly 09:49 06 Mar 2009

I would think that they might not do it unless they trust you and have a big monthly allowance on broadband.
The thing with this is security of the system. Why dont you look at the mobil broadband supliers. They are not to expencive now. My son swears by his. He packed in his home telephone and got it shortly after and thats all he uses. The plus with that is, if you have a laptop you can use it anywhere.

  kindly 09:51 06 Mar 2009

Have a look here...........................click here

  collinsc 18:24 06 Mar 2009

thanks guys.
i wont need a home phone, so thats not the best option for me.

  skeletal 19:00 06 Mar 2009

The range of WiFi depends very much on the environment. If you have perfect line of site from an antenna at home, to an antenna at the flat then I think you should be OK, IF you chose the correct antennas i.e. high gain and directional. I’m going by memory here, but I think people have got 1km, incredibly, using home made antennas made from Pringles tubes (a bit of Googling will get you more info).

If, on the other hand, there are trees, buildings and heavens knows what else between the antennas then I would say you would be out of luck.

Personally, I would give it a go!


  woodchip 19:42 06 Mar 2009

You are braking the Law using someone else's ISP even if they say its okay, as you are as the say stealing from ISP server. In effect you are losing them money

  kindly 15:56 07 Mar 2009

Hi collinsc, you will see that they are for a mobil broadbans setup. they are reliable these days.

  collinsc 16:01 07 Mar 2009

"You are braking the Law using someone else's ISP even if they say its okay, as you are as the say stealing from ISP server. In effect you are losing them money" - surely not!? - i live with my parents and use their broadband through wireless on my laptop - i dont pay for it - thats not illegal surely!

  skeletal 17:43 07 Mar 2009

The legality issue is interesting. For me two things are clear:

If you, at your parent’s house, or your flat, randomly find someone’s WiFi and use it, you are breaking the law (although many people do just this, it doesn’t make it right).

If you live at your parent’s house and use their WiFi, you are not breaking the law. If you go to the bottom of their garden and use it, still OK.

Climb over the fence into the garden of your flat and I get less sure. Go into the flat and even less sure!!

However, from a moral point of view, for me, you are doing this with the full knowledge of your parents, and would be doing it if you were living there.

The counter argument is that why should you buy a TV licence to watch a telly in your flat as you could watch your parents’ one using a telescope!

I’m sure a legal eagle will find a clause somewhere that will clarify the situation.


  woodchip 19:30 07 Mar 2009

As you say its okay as long as you are on there property to use there wifi, but not from another flat

  collinsc 19:35 07 Mar 2009

even if i were to say move next door to my parents..? - has anyone ever been prosecuted for this i wonder!?

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