wireless questions

  garabaldi 22:16 04 Jan 2008

Hi... i have a wii console and a a desktop pc with a incoming dsl/cable connection, what i want to know is if i wanted to set up a wireless connection for my wii console obviously i have to hook my pc up to the the router to configure it , now after that could i totally disconnect my pc from the router? or have my pc hard wired to the router so it is not wireless?

and also if my router is connected to my modem is the router permenatley plugged in with its own power supply?

  harps1h 22:42 04 Jan 2008

is the router a modem/router or just a router? if so how are you connecting to the net? assuming it is a modem router if your computer has a wireless card installed then there is no reason why it should not connect to the network if it is configured correctly. other than that keep it wired to the computer. this is a configuration i have and find it works perfectly well

  garabaldi 22:53 04 Jan 2008

No its just a router as far as i know TP-LINK but i have a standard cable modem which came with my virgin media isp provider so ime connecting to the internet with my modem which is in turn connected to my new router.

  harps1h 23:00 04 Jan 2008

well unless it is causing a problem i would leave it wired to the computer, other than that you will need a wireless card for the computer. if it ain't broke dont fix it. as for the power issue i always leave my router on and it causes no harm

  woodchip 23:22 04 Jan 2008

The Modem\Router, once setup is totally independent of the PC. It can be left on or turned off. If you want to setup a Wireless connection you need first to get SSID and Encryption Password from Setup page of router, these need to go into Wireless settings on the Hardware you want to run Wireless

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