Wireless Question

  kevbo22 12:48 14 Sep 2008

My laptop is not able to receive wifi. However, my flat mates new laptop is wifi enabled.

Is there a way I can continue with my ethernet connection and he use his wifi of the same broadband package?

I am with Virgin media and have fibre optic broadband.

Any help would be appreciated.


  skidzy 12:52 14 Sep 2008

is the wifi on ?
Does the laptop have a wireless card ?

Some times a small switch needs to be turned on,or try FN+F2

  iqs 12:53 14 Sep 2008

Routers allow many devices to connect to the internet through one broadband connection,either hardwired or wireless.It just means that your connection speed in split between the devices.

  kevbo22 12:56 14 Sep 2008

We havent installed wifi into the flat yet. I am just trying to see whether it is possible to have a computer running off the ehternet cable and then another laptop via a wifi connected to the same broadband package?

Is that possible?

  kevbo22 12:57 14 Sep 2008

Thanx iqs. Will all routers allow this?

  skidzy 13:00 14 Sep 2008

I take you have not bought a router yet ?
As long as your laptop has an ethernet port you can both connect to the internet via the router.

One wireless and one hard wired using ethernet,but personally if both using laptops...why not both go wireless.

  kevbo22 13:08 14 Sep 2008

thnx skidzy

Hw would I go about converting my laptop (old vaio, made before wifi was probably even invented) to be able to receive wifi?

  skidzy 13:10 14 Sep 2008

Have you got the vaio model number,so we can take a look ?

You maybe lucky and just add a wireless card,but we need to know the model first.

  kevbo22 13:13 14 Sep 2008

model number PCG-FX405


  skidzy 13:13 14 Sep 2008

You could also use a usb wireless adaptor and sync that with the router.

A lot of router kits come with a usb adaptor.

  kevbo22 13:16 14 Sep 2008

Thanx skidzy. Real help.

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