Wireless Problem bluetooth:(

  pokemom 20:55 25 May 2006

Hi ,how are we all? i have installed a bluetooth keyboard and mouse and when i restart the pc ,it will not go past the start up screen with all the drive in formation etc,,and says that there is a:: keyboard error or no keyboard presant ,now this i know because it is wireless ,it also say :press f1 or f3 for setup,but thus having no cable keyboard i cannot get past this screen ,so i have to plug in cable keyboard to boot up the pc ,now i have enabled the bios so i can use the keyboard through a usb bluetooth dongle ,and thats all good ,but how can i get over this problem ????? i also have another problem with the pc ,completly freezing and i have to reset to reboot !!! i have a latency patch installed which has improved the pc ,but since installing i think? but not sure as the pc was worse before this was installed ,please any advice would be greatly appreciated ,thanks again

  pokemom 22:07 25 May 2006

I think it s bad that you ,just ignore poeple ,as this isnt the only post of mine that youve surpassed ,i dont know what ive done to offend you and i understand that yr busy but like i said this isnt the first ,and youve lost my subscription of 7 £ month .With,110% respect to ED-O ,for help in the past ,before i was ignored.

  ed-0 22:58 25 May 2006

Don't be offended M8. Bluetooth is specialised and very few use it. Not all of us helpers are on 24/7. You got to bump your post till someone with some expertise of the subject comes along.

Unfortunatley I have no experience of a bluetooth keyboard or mouse. So even so, that I read your post, I found I could not offer any assistance at this moment.

On the forums we all try our best to help. most of time those with problems get things sorted. Sometimes not.:-(

But what ever you think, never think you are being ingnored, because your'e not.

  WhiteTruckMan 00:16 26 May 2006

Does the manufacturer of the keyboard/mouse have a website that might offer some solution? as in a support section, or maybe a FAQ section?


  ed-0 12:52 26 May 2006

just giving you a bump. ^^^^^^^^^^^

  Marsh Warden © ™ 15:08 26 May 2006

It may be that your BIOS does not inherently support a USB keyboard. In your BIOS, you might need to enable USB Legacy Support or USB Keyboard support. Check with your system manufacturer for information on getting into and using the BIOS.

If you can't enable USB support from your BIOS, then your keyboard may not work in DOS. In this case, try running your DOS program in a DOS prompt within Windows. The keyboard should function since Windows determines keyboard support

  pokemom 19:50 26 May 2006

i noticed ed-o everyone one did till i put that !! i understand the tech ,soz but it is so infuriating when yr struggled to even write the thread ,and there be no return i do understand relly but ,,im resolved to using a half broke ting that the pound shop tops but ,it not near here ,oh well ,soz for being so sad,pmt got the better of me !!,and my pc keeps double boot ing like when i start it it goes through windows normally and then reboots before start up screern and then goes fine till it crashes again then i loose every thing and its been doing that for days now !!!!!!!!!!!

  pokemom 19:52 26 May 2006

And ive been in the bios and enabled USb keyboard suport,not that im sure you need to do that foor the dongle as the dongle does every thing ,but i enabled it just in case !!!!

  Pandaa 19:53 26 May 2006


  ed-0 21:40 26 May 2006

Ain't got much of a clue about the dongle, but yes enabling it in the bios sounds a good idea.

As for the rebooting, it could be heat click here or as I have mentioned before, it could be that the cpu is damaged.

Have a go at this and see if it makes any diference to the booting, it will slow the cpu and ram, but you won't notice, much. Enter the bios and go to cpu / voltage frequency control click here. Set auto detect dimm/pci clock to disabled. Set host clock at next boot to 100Mhz and dram clock at next boot also to 100Mhz. Press F10 to save and exit.

Oh also when you are in the bios have a look at pc health status. click here. is shut down temp set to enabled or disabled? Also what does it say for the present cpu temp.

Lets see if this will make the machine more stable.

The thing is you have bought a second hand cpu from one sourse and a second hand motherboard from another. Just hope both are OK ;-)

  WhiteTruckMan 21:47 26 May 2006

for something that says words to the effect of

Halt on:all errors

and see if you can change it to something like

Halt on:no errors

which will hopefully get it past the problem of not finding a keyboard.

Of course, you will have to use a regular wired keyboard o do this.


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