Wireless Problem

  DAKAR 13:25 29 Mar 2008

Hi everyone
Can some throw some light on a problem I have connecting to the internet through a belkin router
This has only just started happening within the last week
When I try to connect wirelessly I get the message Connection is now connected,then it drops out and I get about 5 or 6 icons in the tray at the bottom of the screen and the message scanning then it comes up with other networks in range then it connects back to my network and drops off again and this carries on
I have even tried rebooting to get it to connect then sudenly it will connect and be ok
Any ideas

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:05 29 Mar 2008

Change to a different channel, other networks arond you may cause interference and drop out if using the same channel.

Most people just use the default channel when setting up and therefore most people are on the same channel causing the interference.

  DAKAR 15:39 29 Mar 2008

Hi Fruit Bat /\0/\
I have tried over some time altering the channel settings because of the low signal strength I was getting but have just been in to alter the channel as you suggested and there is a message saying
Duplicate administrator
Router is currently being administered by
the address I use is
so I cannot change channels
Never seen this message b4

  pchelper001 15:47 29 Mar 2008

this could mean that someone else is in your router settings? what security have you got on it?

  DAKAR 16:13 29 Mar 2008

Hi pchelper001
the security is WEP and as I say this is only today that I have noticed this

  pchelper001 16:35 29 Mar 2008

hmm...how many computers have you got on your network? do any of them use the ip address

  DAKAR 16:50 29 Mar 2008

only two and none on that ip address
I have just gone back into the router and it is back to normal and I have now selected channel 8
seems strange

  DAKAR 16:55 29 Mar 2008

Hi pchelper001
carrying on from last post,Ihave just gone into my computer to change channel to 8 and now I am getting the same message as I did with the first computer only the ip addy is
Any ideas

  pchelper001 17:00 29 Mar 2008

i dont know....is it possible for anyone to be using your wireless network? it is quite easy to hack wep nowadays.

Try changing ure wep key.

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