Wireless problem

  JohnC123 15:51 29 Dec 2006

I have a new problem in my wireless net work system - it's a D-Link G604T.
For months I have just switched off my main pc when I finished with it and the laptops have been abe to connect wirelessly.
Now - if I turn off the main pc - the wireless network is lost. I haven't changed any settings or connected any new equipment with the exception of a new telephone. Can anyone tell me what's happening and how to fix it please ?

  mgmcc 16:10 29 Dec 2006

I'd be inclined to "hard reset" the router back to factory default condition and set it up again from scratch. Make a note of the relevant settings first.

Like any "computer", a router's operating system can become confused and require a complete reboot to sort it out.

  JohnC123 17:40 29 Dec 2006

I just finished writing down all my setings in order to try a system hard reset when the network statedup again !! I have no idea why, I didn't change anything, just copied them all on to paper. Any further ideas will be most welcome

  mgmcc 18:27 29 Dec 2006

<<< I haven't changed any settings or connected any new equipment with the exception of a new telephone >>>

If the new phone is a cordless one and located close to either the router or the PC with the Wireless Network Adapter in, that might be interfering with the WiFi signal.

  JohnC123 20:57 29 Dec 2006

No - the new phone is an old fashioned one with a wire connection. All laptops are still connected since my last post (3 laptops) and the main pc is shut down - so far it would appear to have corrected itself, but it would be interesting to know the cause. I'll leave this open until tomorrow just in case anyone has some good ideas, otherwise I'll close the thread. Thanks to mgmcc for your suggestions.

  JohnC123 17:43 30 Dec 2006

Wireless connection has remained steady all day so I'll mark this as resolved - although I don't know what caused the problem !

  JohnC123 17:44 30 Dec 2006


  STREETWORK 19:26 30 Dec 2006


Well managed to sort this out and am posting the solution for others:

1. On the PC you need to connect, click 'start', 'run' and type in "services.msc" without quotes.

2. Scroll down to wireless connection and right click it.

3. Click 'start'

4. right Click it again and click 'restart'

5. close the window.

6. Right click on the system tray icon for the adapter and click on 'view available connections'. This will pull up a window showing any available networks (and may list others in your area)

Note: If you do not see any connections repeat steps 1 to 6 again.

7. Choose the network you need to connect to and click connect. Here you will be prompted to type in the WEP Key, this can be found on the base of the Livebox.

It should now connect...

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