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I recently set my grandparents up on their first computer, is a toshiba laptop running Win XP Home as has AVG Antivirus, Office 2003 and a HP Deskjet F300. They also have a netgear wireless router, at the momment everytime they want to print they have to plug the printer in via USB, I wanted to install wireless printing but have never done so before, I'm really technical but have never understood how a wireless print server works and which one to buy.

Can anyone tell me the easiest way to setup a wireless print server


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  ambra4 13:05 02 Nov 2008

Take a read it might help you to install the wireless printer server

Wireless USB Print Server User Guide

click here

  ambra4 13:11 02 Nov 2008

This might also help

Adding a Wireless Print Server to Your Network

click here

  mgmcc 15:00 02 Nov 2008

You don't necessarily need to use a "wireless" print server. If you have a wireless router, you can connect a "wired" print server to that and still print "wirelessly", because the Laptop is connecting wirelessly to the router. Unless you have a particular need for the print server to be a "wireless" device (e.g. it has to be located remotely from the router), it adds an additional complexity to the network.

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