wireless printing

  morgueman 15:24 09 Mar 2008

Hello all, i have Epson Stylus Photo RX600 all in one printer. What i would like to know is can i use this has a stand alone printer, i.e can i use it without having it plugged to my main pc? It connects to my pc via a usb port and i can use my laptop by wireless printing.
I've looked on the epson website but it dosent seem to say anything about using it by itself, just mentions abit about bluetooth connection, but i'm not to sure about that, although i do have a bluetooth connection, i just havent put it on my pc yet! I use windows xp.
Thanks for anyone's help,

  Technotiger 15:30 09 Mar 2008

Yes it does work as a stand-alone printer, without the need for the PC to be on.

  Technotiger 15:32 09 Mar 2008

This confirms what I have just said ... click here

  morgueman 15:35 09 Mar 2008

Thanks for that Technotiger, although perhaps i never made it quite clear in the first post, i was wondering if i can use the printer with my pc, with out being connected to it via the usb port, can i use it wirelessly with my main pc like i can with my laptop?

  Technotiger 15:38 09 Mar 2008

Again Yes, using the Bluetooth option.

  morgueman 15:40 09 Mar 2008

ok, how? i have a bluetooth thingy, whatever you call them, so do i plug that into the printer or the pc? Any help would be grateful!

  Technotiger 15:43 09 Mar 2008

You might also be able to use it 'wireless' by including it in your home network ... click here

  Technotiger 15:45 09 Mar 2008

The Bluetooth dongle has to be connected to your PC, after installing the Bluetooth software. When you switch your printer on, the PC should 'find' it via the Dongle.

  Technotiger 15:48 09 Mar 2008

If you have a Mobile Phone with Bluetooth capabilities, the Dongle should also find that too, and anything else within range which has Bluetooth capabilities. So you could if you wish, also upload/download stuff to/from your Mobile Phone.

Be aware, the Bluetooth may also find any nearby neighbours Bluetooth gadgets!

  morgueman 16:10 09 Mar 2008

tried the windows xp, but wont work, comes up with printer error! when i add printer, it connects to microsoft windows netwok then i type in the name of the printer, wondering if thats where its going wrong?

  morgueman 16:29 09 Mar 2008

Tried the bluetooth, but it dosent seem to pick up the printer! What now?

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