wireless printing

  baja31 10:14 20 Jun 2007

i'm a newbie here and having problems connecting my wireless printer to run from my (kids)laptops its hooked up thru the desktop via usb but i just cant seem to get it to connect to the wireless with the same wpa key as the laptops
its a brother dcp-340cw

i have a netgear router hooked up to desktop
also wireless to 2 laptops dell latitude which all work fine its just the printer i'm having problems with
i'm following the manual
3.set up wlan
1. set up wizard then it does a search for ssid etc
gives options for ad-hoc or infrastructure (which i pick)
then put the long key in then it says apply i click yes th connection error comes up
please someone tell me i'm doing something obviously stupid
and help me with it plzzz
many thanks

  FreeCell 18:59 20 Jun 2007

Does it connect with other security settings?(security disabled or WEP) Is problem only WPA related?

Have known other network problems where implementation of WPA seems slightly different in some hardware. HAd problem with new Vista laptop and SpeedTouch router working with WPA that was only resolved by upgrading firmware of router. Win XP laptops all worked fine with older firmware.

  FreeCell 19:01 20 Jun 2007

Another thought. Have you tried connecting the printer to the router using a network cable. All PCs connecting to the router should then be able to print. (Suppose it depends on physical location of all relevant boxes)

  baja31 21:01 20 Jun 2007

yes it connects via wep but i've changed my security settings to wpa printer instructions say its wpa compatible, no i haven't tried connecting through the router directly wasn't sure if that could be done what would i need?? would it be an ethernet cable?? also is it easier that way

  FreeCell 09:39 21 Jun 2007

Yep, just an ethernet cable printer network port to ethernet port on your router. Have my printer connected this way and have no problems printing from any PC on the network.

Each PC needs to have the printer drivers/software installed. Mine is HP. During install it asks if you are using direct connection (USB) or a network printer. Assuming printer is connected and switched on, it searches network for printers and you select appropriate one. As you only have one this is very straightforward. Only other thing to watch is any firewall settings. Zone Alarm may block unless you set IP address of printer in allowed zone.

Hope that helps.

  baja31 10:00 21 Jun 2007

i also tried another way ...printer sharing etc....i went through the process add printer etc.... it found the printer but just would print the software is on both laptops i think i might just phone brother and see if they can shed any light on why it worked with wep and not with wpa

dont want to go back to wep i think someone cracked my wep a couple of weeks ago cos one of the attached devices wasn't one of mine(grr)
thanks anyway

  FreeCell 18:12 21 Jun 2007

Printer sharing is as it says only printer. Network connection using the router hub should enable you to use all all-in-one features from any PC. Mine is an HP al-in-one and all connected PCs wired and wireless can scan and print.

Good luck with Brother, hope they can explain WPA issues that you have had.

  ambra4 01:39 28 Jun 2007

If I read your question correct
Printer is connected via a usb cable of the desktop PC and working

(Do not understand the wireless printer bit)

On Laptops Go start-setting-printer & fax- add printer and find printer on desktop PC once you have a local network setup.

To use printer wireless you need a wireless printer server, but only the wireless laptops would be able to print

the desktop PC would need a wireless adapter to use the printer

  ambra4 02:18 28 Jun 2007

you do not need a wpa key for the printer only for the laptops and router

You will also have to install a wpa key on the printer server

all keys must be the same as the one on the router

  baja31 13:28 29 Jun 2007

my printer is a wireless printer as you say hooked up to pc via usb as pc is not wireless,
managed to get the connection via wpa just switched off windows firewall and it connected straight away, but after adding pinter to laptaps via add printer etc...... i still cant get it to print, its driving me up the wall

  ambra4 16:47 29 Jun 2007

Without knowing the exact model number

Or having a manual at hand, my best guess is that you will need to make sure
that the printer is set up with its own IP address

I presume that will be one of the functions done via the USB cable to printer

Your router will also have to know of that address.

Once that's done, you should be able to remove the USB lead between printer and PC,
and allow the printer and router to communicate.

The printer should simply become like another device on the system.

Is there any help in the printer manual???

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