Wireless Printers

  loopyloo 18:49 04 Sep 2010

I am looking to purchase my first wireless printer/scanner/copier. I have seen an epson Stylus SX425W for £59.99 in Staples and would like to know if this is any good. What are the cartridge prices like as I've heard that some manufacturers of printers the cartridges are so expensive its not worth purchasing the printer. Any other prinyer recommendations.

  chub_tor 21:52 04 Sep 2010

The Canon MP560 would be my choice click here lots of cheap compatible cartridges available and excellent performance

  morddwyd 09:10 05 Sep 2010

Beware of Canon customer "service"

click here

  chub_tor 18:52 05 Sep 2010

Ahh come on morddwyd that thread is more than a year old, refers to the MP980 and the wastefulness has been refuted by the Forum Editor. If you Google Epson, Lexmark, HP, Kodak printer problems and wastefulness you will find examples where owners complain about how expensive the ink is and how wasteful they are.

Canon printers are no worse than any other manufacturer and in the case of the MP560 chipped compatibles are available if cost is a driving factor.

  morddwyd 19:53 05 Sep 2010

I made no mention of any model, or the price of inks, or chipped compatibles, but only of their customer service, which Rosemary Hattersley, who knows far more about these things than I do, found seriously wanting.

  chub_tor 20:36 05 Sep 2010

I must be missing something here, I have trawled through all 14 pages of replies on the MP980 and found 3 posts by Rosie Hattersley, the last one on page 9 where she gives the official Canon response to the issue with the MP980. I can see that she had some delay in getting a reply from Canon but nowhere could I see that she found Canon Customer Service seriously wanting as you state.

loopyloo asked for advice from users of the Epson Stylus SX425W which I could not help with so I based my reply on a printer which I am familiar with and I would recommend to anyone looking for a wireless printer. Over my long career I have owned and used many printers from an old Star with ribbons, a Kodak Dye-Sublimation printer, several Epsons including the original Epson Stylus, an 880, a C80 and more recently several Canons including an i865, a MP610 and an MP560. At various times I have made use of Customer Service of both Epson and Canon and found them equally helpful.

If you would like to give loopyloo some advice why not suggest a wireless printer you would recommend rather than a brand that you wouldn't?

  morddwyd 07:50 06 Sep 2010

I didn't say I wouldn't recommend Canon.

I simply suggested that looplyloo proceed with caution.

Having regard to my link, in which the last critical comment of Canon customer service was only a month ago, I stand by my comment

  tullie 07:57 06 Sep 2010

Why would someone trawl through fourteen pages,just to prove a point?

  mike40 09:01 06 Sep 2010

I'm with morddwyd on the subject of customer service. However I have both an Epsom wireless SX 515w all in one and a canon pixma ip4200 printer. I get compatible cartridges which are both about the same price. I must say the canon does produce the best quality prints, but Epsom customer service is excellent so really it is down to choice..

  chub_tor 10:18 07 Sep 2010

It wasn't to prove a point but to get a full understanding of the issues involved. There is no point in giving out a link if you don't expect the person asking the question to read it. Links are easy to give out answering the question takes effort and understanding.

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