wireless printers?

  Jayne doe 21:04 10 Nov 2005

Hi can anyone assist at all please. We have 2 puters and 1 laptop. I want all the machines to able to print from the one new printer...wirelessly. Is this possible please and how to go about it. I have looked it up on web but wireless all seems to relate to networking the internet. I would like to do this but I could do with wirtelessly networking the printer first. Thanks jayne.

  Strawballs 21:43 10 Nov 2005

Do you have a wireless router if so you need a wireless print server click here or an ordinary print server plugged into one of the router ports or if you haven't got a router you could get a wireless router with a built in router.
click here

  Brian-336451 23:16 10 Nov 2005

I've got two laptops and my Canon Pixma 3000 (the one that kept coming top) plugged into the back of my wireless router.

My router is an Asus WL500 but I think that's immaterial. The instructions of how to do it were in the router manual, I have a USB printer connected to the USB port on the router. There is a parallel connector on the back of the router but I don't know whether an older printer would do.

So, in answer to your question. Yes it is possible (and very useful too).

  TomG 08:24 11 Nov 2005

One word of caution - I've found that some usb printers are not compatible with wireless printing - mostly all-in-ones. Others should be OK

  Jayne doe 08:50 11 Nov 2005

thanks guys. Been to the site and the Belkin router looks good so will buy that. What do I put in the computers that will make them talk to the new router? Thanks. Jayne

  TomG 12:05 11 Nov 2005

Belkin routers are relitively simple to setup and there will be instructions in the box, but if you get stuck give them a ring (numbers on their website) - they seem to work 24/7 and I've always found them helpful

  interzone55 13:23 11 Nov 2005

I have the Belkin wireless print server metioned above.

To get it to work you need your computers connected by either a wired or wireless router. You then have a choice of either plugging the Belkin print server into the wired network or running it wirelessly.
The setup instructions are in a printed manual that is very easy to follow.

One word of caution, if you want to use it wirelessly it is only compatible with WEP wireless encryption standard, not WPA.

  Jayne doe 13:55 11 Nov 2005

Alan14 Im still a little confused. Apart from the belkin wireless router/print server do I need a second router for the puters or do I fit a wireless card into each of them? And whats WEP and WRP mean? Thanks Jayne.

  TomG 20:41 11 Nov 2005

wep and wpa are a form of security so that only computers with the relevant "key" can log into your network - without it anyone can share your broadband connection and maybe your foles.

WpPA is the stronger of the two and as alan14 says not all network products support it.

  interzone55 09:42 14 Nov 2005

Sorry, i've been away for the weekend

Are your computers currently networked? If they are then all you need is the Belkin printer server.

If you don't have a network you will need some way for the computers to talk to the print server and each other.

If you get yourself a wireless router you can share your net connection, files and printer across all your computers. Most routers have wired & wireless connections, so if any computers are in the same room as the router they can be connected using a network cable, which is easier than setting up a wireless connection.

If you pick up a copy of this month's (Cover date Jan 06, yeah I got January's copy of a magazine on 11 November) PC Pro (sorry - competitor magazine) there is a full piece about wireless networking, including a bit about WEP and WPA security.

  interzone55 09:47 14 Nov 2005

Some printers don't take well to networking.

click here# for a list of printers that are known to work with the print server, and some that are known NOT to work with it. Note this is not an exhaustive list.

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