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  ponytail 07:41 16 Mar 2011

As I am going to replace my printer at the end of the month I am looking into the idea of getting a wireless one which could be kept out of the way.How do they work for instance if I want to print a document from my hard drive how does it reach the printer does it go via the router. Can someone reccommend a decent one at a reasonable price.Not bothered about photo copying or scanning just printing.Just going to look on ebay to get some ideas.

  ponytail 07:50 16 Mar 2011

click here
Saw this one but one more question.I have a laptop and a desktop PC will these wireless printers work with either a laptop and/or a desktop and do they have to be physically connected to whichever computer I am going to be printing from be it laptop or desktop.

  Taff™ 08:11 16 Mar 2011

You need to look at the cost of replacement cartridges before making any decision. Choice Stationery only have Epson originals available for the printer in your link and they cost over £6 each.

click here on the other hand I have recommended and set up for several people since Christmas. It is available with sets of compatible inks that work out to be £1 each. (I can`t qualify how good these inks are so just buy one set for now.) Choice offer their compatible inks at £3.49 each and I would trust their Think compatibles. There are other compatibles I regularly use that are slightly cheaper even than Choice.

In answer to your question - the printer is connected to your router wirelessly and print jobs are routed through it normally. You can manually set up an "ad hoc" computer to printer set up but it needs to be selected for each job.

  spuds 10:38 16 Mar 2011

The Epson SX515W is a very good product. it originally started out as a well over £100.00 printer to about half that price or less new nowadays (if you shop around). Even the Epson own on-line store was offering these at lower prices recently.

The advantage of that printer, is the easy to obtain compatible cartridges, refillable cartridges or CISS that can be fitted to this model. Check out eBay for a starter.

Look up few on-line reviews, and you might be convinced that this is a good purchase.

Should add, I have a SX515W that I purchased via eBay for £18.00 delivered and complete, but sold as 'faulty' by a dealer who have a number for sale. Wasn't worth his bother to 'repair' them. Printer nozzles just needed cleaning.

  ponytail 08:57 19 Mar 2011

Hi Spuds
I have just purchased a Epson SX515W from Ebay just waiting for it to be delivered.Just wondered have you used yours for printing on CDs or DVDs and if so is it a fairly easy procedure I presume it will print onto discs.

  spuds 12:19 19 Mar 2011

I haven't tried experimenting yet with the SX515W, so I do not have the answer to your question. Printing on CD's and DVD's was the job for my Epson's R220/R300's.

If you try an internet search, there should be something available. Epson also have a technical chat-line that I find very good.

If you don't mind me asking. Did you purchase the eBay item from a private or business seller?.

There are a few business sellers who have Epson's for sale on a regular basis. With the private deal, you might find a nozzle block or waste tank full problem, which confuses some people as being serious, but can usually be resolved.

  ponytail 19:09 22 Mar 2011

Hi Again Spuds
Could you talk me through how I get it talking to the router cannot understand the instructions

  spuds 09:40 23 Mar 2011

I haven't really experimented yet with my SX515W, as I have and use other printers on a daily basis.

Perhaps Taff will explain the route forward to any questions, or failing that, try the Epson chat-line, who I have found very helpful. They will also provide email links to relevant questions and answers.

If you put 'installing epson sx515w wireless' into a search box, then there appears to be quite a number of results, that might help, especially if you are using Windows 7.

Sorry for not being more helpful.

  ponytail 10:18 23 Mar 2011

Hi Spuds
silly me I tried to use before installing the software so it works fine now bit noisy when the paper is feeding though.Now trying to figure out the scanning system.

  ponytail 10:20 23 Mar 2011

Hi again spuds silly me I tried to use it before I had installed the software brain must have been turned off.Now trying to figure iut the scanning system thanks again for your advice.

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