wireless piggybacked on wired

  richard-255600 20:40 01 Nov 2005

i've had a wired network for quite a while now using 2 pc's to share files and printers and i want to know if i can add a wireless access point to it as i've just bought a laptop as i've gone back to college and want to be able to use it anywhere my router is a belkin can i just piggyback the wap onto my router or will this not work i dont want to get rid of my wired network

  woodchip 23:05 01 Nov 2005

Only with a Wireless Router

  De Marcus™ 23:09 01 Nov 2005

Yes you can. I do with mine. The Wap effectively turns your wired router into a wireless router.

  Chegs ® 23:14 01 Nov 2005

I have a wired network,I bought a laptop and a wireless card for it.I then bought a PCI wireless adapter,installed this in my desktop,setup the laptop to connect thru the desktop to the net.It was a bit fiddly to setup initially,but I now have WEP setup on the desktop/laptop(carn't use WPA with 98se)and the issues with the desktop keep trying to use the laptops WiFi for internet access(after each reboot) are now sorted out to.The laptop can only access the desktops files,not the 2nd PC on the network,which isn't a problem as the 2nd PC is my daughters and all my files are on my desktops HD's anyway.

  Strawballs 23:48 01 Nov 2005

If you get a wireless router you can use both off the same router as they have at least 4 ports

  mgmcc 08:58 02 Nov 2005

As De Marcus™ says, yes you can just plug a Wireless Access Point into a wired router to make it a Wireless Router.

"Stand-alone" Wireless Access Points, however, tend to be disproportionately expensive compared to Wireless Routers.

If you have ADSL broadband and a combined Modem/Router, a Wireless Access Point is probably the way to go. With Cable broadband and a router without a built-in modem, a replacement "Wireless Router" is probably less expensive than a Wireless Access Point on its own.

  Freddog 09:02 02 Nov 2005

My advise: Get a router from PC World a Belkin is like £50 if you order it online go over in the store and pay and collect its goood for some weird reason if you order it online you get it cheaper.

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