Wireless performance

  Technoob 16:55 15 Feb 2008

Well its killing me to be honest, upgraded to a linksys wrt54g. heard it was the best in business so thought why not give it a try. Well everythings fine but it sufferes these spikes in peformance, one minute its fine, next minute it takes forever to open a website, to a point it starts to timeout and i get could not be found pages. no its not that im visiting sites with higher trafffic, its just normal, it does this all the time with any site, i tried changing the channels, no luck, i put it in a better spot cause it was close to a phone and no luck either, any advice?

  Ashrich 23:36 15 Feb 2008

Do you get the same problem when the PC is connected by cable ?


  Technoob 03:52 16 Feb 2008

no i didnt, my dsl is running pretty good, and have no problems with the LAN, just the wireless

  setecio 10:02 16 Feb 2008

When you say you upgraded .... did you have a wirless router before, and did it do this with it ?

  J3$$i 11:52 16 Feb 2008

Having a similar problem with my WAG200G, again it's only on the wireless but all the colours are ok on the router. I've had it two days and the first day it had a strong signal all the time, now it goes from good to low often and also disappears all together.

  Ashrich 20:04 16 Feb 2008

First thing I would try is updating my wireless adapter drivers , and have a check on Google to see if the version of your wireless router is known to have these problems and maybe try a firmware upgrade if one is available .


  Technoob 19:34 17 Feb 2008


i meant as in i had a different router before and i upgraded to the linksys one. the other one was ehome and it would keep disconnecting every 15 minutes or so, i had to keep rebooting it so i got the linksys one.


I looked for upgrades but there were none for my wireless adapters. At skool, my wireless runs fine, at home its a different story BUT i have another laptop also connected to the linksys and that seems to run fine all the time, so im kinda lost as to where to start troubleshooting, lke i said, i changed the channels, changed the position, but still seem to be running into this spike in network performance

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