Wireless PC's won't connect to shared printer

  alexgray104 19:29 06 Mar 2007


If you see the image in the link below, you will see my current situation. I have a router downstairs with 4 PC's (two desktops and two laptops) connecting to it. As well as that there is a printer connected to PC3 that is wirelessly shared so everyone can print on it. (its a big laser jobbie) Next I bought another PC for running games. That unfortunately is where it starts to go wrong. Because the new PC is in the same room as PC3 (shared printer one), I thought I'd connect them with a crossover cable, rather than forking out for a wireless adaptor. All went well, and with the wireless internet adaptor in PC3 shared, PC5 can access it and everything is good. Except for one thing. PC's 1, 2 and 4, ie the ones wirelessly connecting to PC3 cannot access the shared printer. PC3 obviously can with it being locally connected and PC5 can, the one with the crossover cable. I have troubleshooted and worked out that when I unshare the shared internet connection on PC3, everything is working again, except for PC5 which then has no internet or printer access. And when I enable the sharing on internet connection the problem reoccures. So it would seem that I cannot share the internet connection via a crossover cable and have wireless file/printer sharing. Anybody able to shed light on this or should I just bite the bullet and spend £15 on a wireless adaptor for PC5? (just seems a waste when theres a comp with perfectly good internet underneath it!)

linky click here

Cheers, Alex Gray

  ArrGee 23:22 06 Mar 2007

It could be as easy as making sure you have the printer software/drivers installed on each pc.

  alexgray104 17:31 07 Mar 2007

Hi Arrgee,

I have checked that all the drivers are installed on each PC for the printer, and they are, plus it was working before I got this crossover cable connected PC setup.

Would a switch of some description solve the problem?

Cheers for reply anyways,


  ArrGee 09:21 08 Mar 2007

Sorry, a bit lost on this one myself.

However, if your router has a USB slot, it may be easier to set it up as an independent print server. Here is an example:

click here

Alternatively, if your router has a spare ethernet port, it might be worth googling your router type with the words 'print server'.

  moorie- 09:34 08 Mar 2007

can you see the printer on the other pcs but cant access it or does the printer not appear in network places

  moorie- 09:48 08 Mar 2007

if the printer isnt in network places?

try typing ito run
\\workgroup name in the pcs to see if the printer appears,then add network place back in.

  alexgray104 18:22 08 Mar 2007

Hi, It still appears on my printers list, but is offline. If I try to add it via network I type \\pc3\laserjet but it says it couldn't find it. The printer server idea would be good but my printer is in a completely different location to router and also i have a shared folder located on PC3 which has the largest hard drive.

Cheers for replies though.

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