Wireless password?

  brindly 10:38 21 Oct 2011

I have just bought my wife a KINDLE which has WiFi, when i switched it on to charge it and make the WiFi connection it asked me for my wireless password??? is this the password I use to connect to talktalk or one of the numbers on the back of the router? We don't use the wireless connection because we had a lot of trouble with it so I ran a cable down to our laptop downstairs from the router. Its her birthday tommorrow and i don't want her dissapointed. Can she use the KNDLE with the usb connection instead.

  john bunyan 10:59 21 Oct 2011

  1. It sounds as if you have a wireless router (as do I) with Talk Talk, and it is connected to your PC with an ethernet cable. What is the make of the router?
    2.Unless you have disabled the wireless on the router it should still be issuing a wireless signal.

  2. Some routers (like ny new Belkin) come with wireless protection already installed - nowadays WPA-PSK and a secure password given to you. Others are such that you create a secure password yourself.

  3. The router settings can be accessed by putting the address(with no prefix) in the IE address bar (Belkin is
    The wireless safety on the left brings up the settings (other routers nay be different.
    I suggest you look at the router manual on line by googling the model No to see how to do this with yours
    I hope you are not inadvertantly sending out a non proteced signal. To check, your laptop , aif you disconnect the LAN cable, should tell you if it "sees" a wireless source nearby - usually this is on the right bottom toolbar.If needed you cold reset the router to factory settigs and create a wireless securiy password

  onthelimit1 11:43 21 Oct 2011

The code may be on the base of the router. If you have problems following JB's advice, yes, you can connect it by usb.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:14 21 Oct 2011

How to put books etc. on your Kindle

With or without wireless (USB)


  brindly 18:56 21 Oct 2011

Thank you all, John Bunyan, yes I have a wireless router supplied by tiscali now talktalk, it is a SIEMENS Gigerset SE587. If i cant get the information from their site i will take the cowards way out and use the usb cable.

  brindly 19:02 21 Oct 2011

I have discovered th IP address Is this the password the KINDLE asks for when it says enter password.

  Zak 19:15 21 Oct 2011

This is the IP address for your router settings not the password. For password see if the router has an alphanumeric string of 26 characters preceded by WEP or WPA.

The password will be the 26 characters - do not enter WEP or WPA

  Zak 19:17 21 Oct 2011


If you enter the router settings via your browse you will also be able to identify the WEP/WPA key i.e. password for your Kindle WIFI setting.

  rdave13 19:19 21 Oct 2011

Info here, Amazon but you must be able to log in to your router to make sure wireless is enabled. know the SSID ,what name it broadcasts AND security key.

It can be difficult if you're not familiar how to sign in to your router and if you haven't done it before but it's quite straightforward. You use your browser and type the router's IP address in to the address bar. This opens the router's log in page. That's the start. Ideally I'd start a new thread about your router so that someone can walk you through it.

  rdave13 19:28 21 Oct 2011

Not familiar with TalkTalk but a useful page about their routers and settings, click here

  lotvic 19:43 21 Oct 2011

You do not say which router you have but if it is the Hauwei EchoLife HG532 or 520 supplied by TalkTalk the home page of your Router is (just type that into your Browser (IE or Firefox etc) and the details will be displayed.

The wireless password key should also be on a label on the back of the Router, it will be in the form of ABCDEFGH or it may have a number instead of some of the letters.

Best of luck getting it connected though = I had problems (gave up) but may not have been Kindle fault as having troubles with my router anyway. In the end I decided I did not need Kindle connected wirelessly and instead use the USB and then I could transfer books (drag and drop) that I have downloaded to a folder I made in My Documents (you have to be careful to specify in the buy/download where to save them).

I can't quite remember exactly but the connection problem was something to do with the routers connection type b,g,n.

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