wireless password

  conrail 17:43 12 Apr 2008

using ntl broadband and belkin wireless router, Part # F5D8233uk4, 1 pc and 1 laptop using xp home and 1 laptop using vista premium, possibly neibours accessing wifi signal so I would like to setup a password that will allow family will use when using the web via the router but not sure how to go about it, all help gratefully accepted

  setecio 17:59 12 Apr 2008

Log into the router and find the wireless security section, select WPA or WPA2 and type in a 20 character random alphanumeric string and write it down exactly, apply this or ok it.

Now on each wireless pc or laptop, restart them, search for available wireless networks, connect, type in the 20 character string and connect.

  conrail 18:18 12 Apr 2008

thanks setecio but when you say log into the router, I asume you mean the belkin web page? or is there a way to log into the router itself?

  TonyW2 15:39 13 Apr 2008

Connect to router with ethernet cable then use internet explorer and the router access page. That IS the router itself.(probably or similar. User and password possibly admin---see the manual)

Use WPA or WPA2 and NOT WEP. as,if neighbours are using your connection, they will know how to crack WEP easily.

  setecio 18:22 13 Apr 2008

Yes as Tony described, but Belkin is usually although it will tell you in the manual.

  conrail 20:57 13 Apr 2008

t5hanks TonyW2 and setecio, I have done that.
I have used WPA-PSK rather than WPA (with Radius Server) and the encryption is TKIP rather than AES, hope I have chosen the right options, if so I appreciate your help

  conrail 21:10 13 Apr 2008

sons laptop wont connect, do I need to apply these changes to all computers on the network?

  setecio 21:40 13 Apr 2008

yes those options are correct.

On each PC/laptop you will now have to scan for available networks, connect, and enter the passphrase you created.

  conrail 08:24 15 May 2008

thanks setecio and TonyW2, you have been a great help,
sorry about the delay in replying, unfortunately I have a job that takes me away at a moments notice

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