wireless or ethernet connection

  Boy Zone 08:57 24 Jun 2009

Hi simple question.
I have a Belkin 54 wireless/router and would like to know how I use the ethernet connection instead of going wireless, as I see that the latter is slower.
I can see both icons wireless and ethernet and yet if I switch off the wireless how do I connect to the web using the direct cable connection?
If I disconnect the elethnet cable I can't see the cable icon..

  mgmcc 12:00 24 Jun 2009

>>> like to know how I use the ethernet connection
>>> instead of going wireless

You just plug an ethernet cable between the PC's RJ45 network port and one of the router's LAN ports. Unlike a "wireless" connection, you don't have to go through any procedure to "Connect" to the network.

>>> I see that the latter is slower.

Standard 802.11g networking has a nominal data transfer speed of 54Mbps, although in practice this is likely to be closer to 30Mbps. A wired ethernet connection to your router will run at 100Mbps. This higher speed is only significant for transferring files between computers in your local network, because even 30Mbps will be well above the speed of your broadband connection, unless you are on something like Virgin Media's 50Mbps Cable service.

  Boy Zone 17:49 25 Jun 2009

Yes I can see your point but the wireless connection is still connected and therefore if I disable the wireless connection I get no access to the web.
There must be a process to select between either connection??

  mgmcc 19:42 25 Jun 2009

Normally, it shouldn't make any difference whether you use a "wired" or a "wireless" connection and, if you disable one, the other will automatically take over the internet connection.

Unfortunately, however, Vista (which I assume you're using) has a mind of its own and this doesn't always work the way you'd expect. After disabling the "wireless" connection, reboot and see if the ethernet connection gives you internet access.

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