wireless with only laptop

  paul4749 08:55 17 Apr 2006

working on friends problem, they have talk talk broadband and have a wireless capable laptop. this is the only pc they have. recently brought wireless router to enable use throughout the house how do i enable this to work. please try to keep it simple i have some limited knowledge.

  MIke 09:23 17 Apr 2006

I've just done this on a friend's laptop, they are with BT but I would guess the principle is the same.

The best thing I can do is point you to BT's help page here

click here

Bassically the router was installed as a wired modem first of all, and the set up software run. A check was made to ensure internet access was ok by cable, it was. The cable was then removed and set up run the second time this time chosing the wireless set up option in the set up wizard. During this procedure we had to type the Wireless network key, found on the bottom of the modem, into the router configuration manager software (came with router) I would guess the router you have will have a similar bit of software.

Once that was done, the BT set up software tested the wireless signal, ....and it failed!

The reason was that the wireless network key was composed of letters and numbers, the letters were all lower case, but I had caps lock on, so it appears this key is case sensitive.

After changing the key, all worked fine. It was actually easier to do than explain. If you have basic knowledge of setting up an internet conection, and installing hardware/software you should have no major problems.

If the link I gave doesn't help, your router manufacturer will probably have more specific details on their website.


  Pidder 09:33 17 Apr 2006

Just to go off at a tangent, you say the laptop is wireless enabled, are you sure it contains a wireless card? My Medion is supposed to be wireless enabled but the manual states this is an option, and when I increased the RAM I found that it in fact also needed a mini PCI card for wireless operation. I just mention this in case you have any problems.

  paul4749 09:36 17 Apr 2006

thks mike wil try that much appreciated will post if resolved

  paul4749 09:37 17 Apr 2006

yes thks pidder its def enabled

  MIke 09:40 17 Apr 2006

Good luck, it only took me an hour to figure it all out!

  goonerbill © ® 13:19 17 Apr 2006

can you post what make and model the router plus laptop is. this will enable us to give a more detailed account on what to do.

  ade.h 15:31 17 Apr 2006

There shouldn't be any software with the router other than a manual, and if there is, it is only a setup wizard and totally extraneous quite frankly. You're better off configuring it the manual method whereby you have much more control. Connect it by RJ45 and remember to set any settings that relate to the wireless service before unplugging it. There are two types of setup wotk that have to be done over a wired interface; 1) first-time setup and 2) subsequent adjustment of wireless settings.

Are you okay with the procedure for establishing the wirless link between router and client?

  Strawballs 16:11 17 Apr 2006

Please don't forget to enable encryption unless you want other people to hijack your bandwidth

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