WIRELESS not working. No info sent.

  missmascara 09:32 11 May 2009

Hello all, I'm new here and hope you can help.

I had wireless put into my flat yesterday, for use both on my laptop and my boyfriends. The technician said that my computer wasn't responding well to the installation (something to do with timing out) and he tried two new routers to see if it was a router issue but wasn't. His laptop worked fine with the connection as did my boyfriends, but not mine! So, I ran a virus scan and scarily removed about 100 pieces of malware.

The problem is this in a nutshell: My laptop connects to our WLAN network at a speed of anything between 54mbps very low, to 24mbps excellent but most of the time no information is transferred. Sometime it connects and works well, like now, but that's for the forst 3 minutes, then nothing.

I can't load pages, can't download anything even though my boyfriend can surf superfast with no issues. I uninstalled my antivirus and replaced it with Avast and Spybot as I read elsewhere that AVG (my previous antivirus) amongst others can cause connection problems. I also switched the router on and off, reset it...

I'm at my wits end! Does anyone know how to resolve this?

Thanks in advance!

(Ps: An unsecured wireless network came into range yesterday and it worked, transferred info, etc, unlike my own connection!)

  brundle 12:35 11 May 2009

Need to know - router make/model, what security is enabled on the router and what encryption method being used (you can get that information from the working laptop), your laptop make/model. Ensure you have the latest wireless drivers for your laptop, visit the manufacturer's support pages.

  missmascara 15:02 11 May 2009

Hi Brundle,

My laptop is a Sony Vaio running XP with Sp3 installed. My Router is a 'Xavi 7968' with Telefonica (I'm in Spain), and the encryption method is 'WEP'

I don't know how to check what security method is being used by the router... Where should I look?

As for the driver situation, my laptop is 3 years old and my boyfriend's is over four years, so I'm guessing my drivers are OK considering the laptop is newer than his. However, I'll try and update. The wireless hardware is an Intel 2200 BG network connection.


  brundle 21:28 11 May 2009

That's all the security details we need, thanks. I have gained the impression from some posts here and my own experience that Intel onboard wireless network hardware can be a bit problematic.

Did the engineer try different wireless channels? 1,6 or 11 are the only ones worth trying.

Does the signal strength still vary even when you're right next to the router?

Are you using a firewall apart from the built-in XP one?

Do you have a spare USB wireless adapter you could try in your laptop?

Are you using Intel software to manage wireless networking, or Windows built-in wireless management?

  missmascara 23:31 11 May 2009

I must say I'm not sure if he tried any other channels, is it possible that I can try this myself?

Yes, the signal strength varies constantly, no matter my proximity is to the router! Very strange...

I'm using the built in firewall and Avast antivirus which may have a firewall, but the problem started before I installed this program.

As far as I know, I'm using whatever wireless manager was there in the first place, so I guess it could be either Intel or Windows!

I'm thinking of buying a new laptop in the next few weeks, so maybe this will solve my problem for good, however it'd be nice to get this sorted. It's really frustrating!

  brundle 00:26 12 May 2009

Yes, if you have a manual for the router it should tell you how to change channels. You'll need to connect a machine to the router with a cable and access the router configuration interface. I can't find a PDF version of the manual online to link to, you may have more luck if you know Spanish (I don't).

The varying signal strength could be fixed by a channel change, given that you connected OK to a local unsecured network.

Avast doesn't have a firewall so you can rule that out - disabling firewalls can sometimes help when troubleshooting network problems, but is generally not an issue with basic connectivity problems - especially the default XP one, as it only monitors incoming traffic.

If you have Intel branded software that shows in the system tray and pops up when you're configuring wireless networking then you're using their software. XP's built in wireless management is better than any third product I've ever seen or used. This is what the standard XP management looks like; click here

  ambra4 05:32 12 May 2009

Check the “Tenerife Forum” and see if will help

click here

Xavi 7968

click here

See if this will help

Telefonica ADSL Router Manual in English

click here

  missmascara 09:36 12 May 2009

I'm using the XP wireless management software, then. I'll try the channel change a bit later - The only thing is, even when the connection is at 24mbps Excellent it still doesn't transfer... I'll let you know how it went. Thanks!

  missmascara 22:14 12 May 2009

Nope. Didn't work. :(

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