Wireless not working. Is this a network adapter failure?

  EhsanMojahedi 11:12 09 Jun 2014

I am running SP2 vista on a hp pavillion dv5 with all of my driver software updated (I've double checked). I haven't had any new updates recently but my wireless internet has been disconnecting more and more especially when I'm downloading large files or gaming. Other computers and devices have not had any such problems with bandwidth in my home. Signal is always strong, but the network keeps on becoming "local only" or "not connected" and I have to disconnect and reconnect.

Since yesterday, my wifi no longer works at all but it insists that it is connected with good signal and my normal speed. My internet works great while wired. Running diagnostics suggests looking into router problems which I've ruled out because no other device has problems. It also suggests acquiring a new IP which I did and didn't help. Lastly, it suggests to reset the networks adapter which also didn't help.

Is this a network adapter problem and if it is, would getting this the following item help my problem?

usb wireless network adaptor

  alanrwood 12:57 09 Jun 2014

Delete the Wireless driver in Device Manager and reboot. It should reinstall the latest drivers from the internet if you connect the network cable before rebooting.

  EhsanMojahedi 13:55 09 Jun 2014

I have already done that to no avail. I'm almost certain it's a hardware issue, I just want to know if it can be anything other than the wireless adapter.

  alanrwood 20:17 09 Jun 2014

IO'm, assuming that you have the wpa settings and password correct and it actually connects to the router but no data throughput. Try disabling your Firewall/Antivirus-antispyware for a short time and see if it helps.

  EhsanMojahedi 18:53 10 Jun 2014

I can connect to the router and the computer says that my connection is strong. I can even sometimes actually go to gmail but nothing will load properly, so yes the connection is definitely made. Also I have tried disabling my Firewall and antivirus and I haven't had any updates for those anyway. As I mentioned in the original post, I have been having connectivity problems more an more lately so I'm suspecting a hardware issue.

  alanrwood 20:53 10 Jun 2014

You seem to have done most of the things. Try clearing the DNS cache

click here

  EhsanMojahedi 21:28 10 Jun 2014

Did that. Also, since today, I can no longer even connect to the my wireless (but it finds the network and tries to connect )and it just says there is a problem (and no I don't have my wpa setting wrong). Could this be another sign of network adapter failure?

  alanrwood 11:10 11 Jun 2014

Sorry can't suggest anything else. I turn it over to others on here who might have more detailed ideas. You did run the Network Troubleshooter didn't you.

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