wireless but no internet connection

  mikeystipe 17:58 29 Sep 2009

have laptop with XP and built in wireless. Laptop detects wireless network and configures IP details automatically. I can ping "bbc.co.uk", the default gateway, another PC on the network but cannot ping the laptop IP address either from itself or another PC on the network.

Despite the fact that I can ping a web address I cannot access the internet via web browser (have tried firefox & ie8 but get "page cannot load")

Anybody else had this problem? Any useful suggestions appreciated. Using BT homehub which is working fine on my desktop where I'm sending this from.

Thanks in advance

  mgmcc 19:29 29 Sep 2009

Assuming you are actually "Connecting" properly to the wireless network and getting the correct addresses (IP, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway and DNS Servers), make sure that any firewall software is allowing your web browser(s) to access the internet.

You could also try repairing the TCP/IP Stack and Winsock.

Open a Command Prompt window ("Start > Run", type CMD and click OK).

To repair the TCP/IP stack, at the prompt, type...

netsh int ip reset resetlog.txt

...and press Enter

(note the spaces in the command line). The original prompt will reappear, exit the Command Prompt window and reboot the PC.

To reset Winsock entries, at the prompt, type...

netsh winsock reset catalog

...and press Enter

Exit the Command Prompt window and reboot the PC. (If running both repairs, reboot only after running the second command.)

  mikeystipe 14:38 30 Sep 2009

Thanks for the response. I will try what you're suggesting.

My initial suspicion was(is)that a firewall is the root of the problem. If I attempt to switch the firewall off - via security centre or windows firewall it's possible to set radio button for the firewall setting to off. However it still shows as ON via Security Centre so I'm not convinced it's off.

In addition to the above the laptop in question has Norton Internet Security 2006 installed. It's not possible to remove this via Install/Remove programs. I believe there's a Norton Software Removal tool that will do the job but wary of using it in case it makes the situation worse.

Again, any useful comments/suggestions appreciated.


  peter99co 15:58 30 Sep 2009

If you need to remove Norton you Must use the removal tool

  peter99co 16:00 30 Sep 2009


  peter99co 22:17 30 Sep 2009

from mgmcc
Thu, [email protected]:48

Check that the "Wireless Network Connection" has obtained its correct addresses (IP, Subnet Mask, Default Gateway and DNS Servers) by DHCP from the router

Do this by running IPCONFIG /ALL in a Command Prompt window and the IP address should almost certainly be a 192.168.x.x address or, possibly, a 10.x.x.x address.

If you have a "169.254" address, then you probably haven't connected properly to the wireless network and Windows has defaulted to allocating an APIPA address (Automatic Private IP Addressing). This won't let you access either the Router or the internet.

  mikeystipe 22:13 01 Oct 2009

Just in case anybody else has the same problem I can confirm that using the SymNRT tool resolved the problem.

The tool removed Nortom Internet Security 2006 and I was able to connect straight away.

Thanks for all the advice/suggestions - Hope this is of some use to someone else.

Thanks, Mike

  ambra4 02:11 02 Oct 2009

Don’t forget to tick the box and click resolved

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