Wireless Newbie

  demonracer 18:28 08 May 2007

Hey all,

Looking at getting a wireless router in the next few weeks.

Not to sure on what to get and im hoping some of you PC people can help me out and point me in the right direction....

Here's my current set-up, and what im after.

Im running on Virgin (What was Telewest) Broadband...There are 3 PC's in the house. 2 Laptops, and a Desktop. The Internet point is downstairs, the Desktop is upstairs, and the Laptops are obviously wherever they are in the house.
I have an external HD, but having a Laptop, and Wireless Internet, I dont want to be tied down by an external HD that has to be plugged in.

Here's a few questions im looking for answer to....

- Can I have just the router downstairs, with all 3 PC's having dongles/cards etc to connect, or will 1 PC have to be fixed?

- Is there anyway I can view my external HD wirelessly from my Laptop, if its connected to the Desktop? (ie, through the same router)

- Which router will do both Internet, and Networking?

Cheers guys.

  STREETWORK 19:21 08 May 2007

Question 1 - Yes, but make sure you get a wireless router

Question 2 - Yes, just right click the drive and set it for sharing

Question 3 - Try Virgin website for any offers or get a wireless router, you gets what you pays for...

  connora 20:40 09 May 2007

I share a flat with a couple of students, having just
bought a pcmcia wireless card I would like to make my
laptop wireless.Have run the setup, everything seems ok except when I run the utility it prompts for a WEP
key? Where do I find this?I have access to my friends computer where the wireless network is setup but not my friends for advice.Please help?

  Danoh 20:54 09 May 2007

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  Danoh 20:57 09 May 2007

If you are with Telewest _Cable_ rather then ADSL broadband, you are after a CABLE Wireless router.
The router provides you with a wired and wireless network to connect multiple PCs and other devices.
Your internet access comes via the connection from the router to Telewest/Virgin's Cable Modem, then to Virgin's network and out to the internet WEB.

  Strawballs 22:24 09 May 2007

click here any one of these routers will work with VM but I use the Linksys WRT54g and have been for about 2 years without any problems.
click here

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