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  samba71 14:26 15 Jul 2006

I recently installed a DLink 524 Router via my NTL Cable BB connection (and DWL-G122 Adaptor) onto my desktop. I have it configured nicely (an achievement for such a low-watt lightbulb). I have full access to internet etc. Trouble is, I've fitted my laptop with a G122 wireless adaptor and can connect to my wireless network. However , I have no internet access on the laptop. There are no other internet connections fitted. Can anyone help someone who aspires to novice-level PC knowledge.

  dms05 15:11 15 Jul 2006

What you are seeing is not unusual. You are connecting to the Network but don't have the correct settings to use the Network to connect to the Internet.

People who know a lot more than I do will tell you more but you probably need to set the TCP/IP and DHCP. Go to 'Connect to' from Start, then select 'all connections' then highlight your wifi connection and chose 'Change settings'. You will see TCP/IP as an option - highlight it and click on 'Properties'. Here you should chose 'Obtain IP address automatically' and 'Obtain DNS automatically'.

I use XP to totally control my WiFi connection - if you have enabled the DLink Utility you can't use the XP WiFi Connection Manager.

  samba71 15:40 15 Jul 2006

Thanks, Ive been through the IP Address configuration. It's set to auto obtain both IP and DNS. Still no joy I'm afraid. I dont have any firewalls switched on etc.

  ade.h 15:45 15 Jul 2006

Please remember to configure your client firewall as well, otherwise you will not see anything approaching an internet connection through the LAN.

  ade.h 15:49 15 Jul 2006

You posted while I was typing. I'm surprised that you don't use a software firewall.

We need some more info about the status of this connection and the status of any Ethernet connection; when connected by Ethernet (as you were when configuring the router) does it provide internt/WAN access successfully?

(Note; remember to disconnect any wireless link if using an Ethernet link on the same client and with the same router or host!)

  samba71 15:53 15 Jul 2006

Is the client the router itself ? If so, just looking at firewall settings (router). Do i need to enable firewall rules, and input relevant details, Computer name, action, source, IP details etc. Thanks for all your patience by the way :-)

  ade.h 16:02 15 Jul 2006

No, "client" is the standard term for PCs or other devices that are connected to a network based on a router, switch or server, whereby the latter items function as the "host". So you have host firewalls (aka hardware) and client firewalls (aka software).

You should not need to make any changes to the host firewall.

  samba71 16:02 15 Jul 2006

I've disabled my software firewall on the laptop for the moment. I'll reinitialise if I eventually break through. I installed the router via the desktop m/c. The ethernet port shuttled net/WAN successfully. The desktop (which is only wireless now) subsequently allows access to the net. Aplogies for clumsy comms. I should have mentioned earlier, I'm using just the one adaptor plugged into the laptop only.

  samba71 16:33 15 Jul 2006

I should have asked in previous post: Should I have connected the laptop to the router via ethernet to ensure correct installation ?

  ade.h 17:12 15 Jul 2006

No; once you have configured a router over Ethernet, all clients can be wireless, except when further configuration of wireless settings and/or security may be carried out. That's simply because changing a setting that affects the wireless link will break the link and crash the router with you locked out of it.

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