Wireless Networks Reminder !

  vinnyo123 04:06 29 Nov 2004

For all who run a wireless Network at home or work, please be sure to check your security settings. Don't just plug it in and leave it.
Follow a couple of easy steps to secure your LAN.

-Change your SSID or ESSID (Service Identifier Or Extended Identifier)
-Disable Access point broadcast
-enable WEP or WPA (wired equivalent privacy or WI-FI protected acess)
-Firewalls software or hardware(routers)filter IP's and MAC's
-CHANGE default Administartors passwords.

Just a reminder for Wireless , can't believe how many people still haven,t done this.It is so easy for someone to jump on your LAN and gain access to your network and Routers.

  PA28 09:17 29 Nov 2004

.. and I guess that the problem is that you don't actually know when someone's doing it! I commissioned a knowledgeable friend equipped with a wifi laptop to drive by my house and try to get into my system. As far as I know he was unsuccessful - but he now knows exactly where in the village and those surrounding us where wifi networks are installed and where he can get free internet access. This is worrying as not all laptop users are as honourable as he is - I think!

  xania 09:33 29 Nov 2004

Not having used Wireless myself, I can't be sure, but I can't believe that this isn't clearly spelt out in the installation instructions. Trouble is - who bothers to read them!!

  PA28 14:12 29 Nov 2004

Problem is that it's not obvious and easily forgotten that wireless extends beyond not only your system, but the walls. By the time you've successfully set up a wireless network (and there's still a lot of the old black arts about it, it seems) you may forget where you have started from. And it's difficult to actually test whether you are secure from outside, or whether someone can actually clamber into the back of your machine without you noticing. I think vinnyo123's warning is well timed and should be high, nay - at the very top, of the list of priorities of anyone setting up such a network.

  vinnyo123 16:57 29 Nov 2004

Agree xania I just wanted to start a post because of a discovery I made recently.I happened to have my laptop with me at work the other day and one of my fellow employees has found a wireless PCMCIA card.(I personnaly don't use wireless much on my LAN)He asked me if it was any good ? So I popped it in (also had driver CD ) I did a quick scan for available AP's and presto at least 5 of them popped up.So I jumped on one and instant Internet access.I also did a quick check on one Router which naturally had a default Admin password instant access.OK and that was it for me bailed out without any harm done.

So this brings me to my post.Check your SECURITY!!
Pass the word around!

  superspark 17:23 29 Nov 2004

Well I would like some kind person to help me on this because I'm totally lost!
A week ago I bought a Belkin router so that I could connect my newly bought Sony Vaio laptop to the internet via the wireless facility on it. It seemed to connect ok and I am now able to use my laptop connected to the net via wireless. As I was setting it up via the home pc, I printed the WAN details but now I don't know how to set it up to make the connection to the laptop secure.
I am using NTL cable modem connected by Ethernet.
Can someone explain in as simple English as possible please?
Thanks very much.

  PA28 15:11 30 Nov 2004

I'd love to able to help if I could. I've set up my wireless network and use the WEP encryption that was supplied with the supporting software. Now I believe that my network is secure. My problem is that I don't know for definite that it is. I don't know the ways around the security, but radio signals are just that and can be picked up and translated. As the router transmits to everywhere within a couple of hundred feet in theory, there's a lot of my signal floating out into the street. Is WEP encryption truly secure? If so, why have they upgraded it? Am I worrying unnecessarily? Probably. May be that PCA could run an article on this?

  SEASHANTY 15:46 30 Nov 2004

Nat Inst. Standards and Technology .pdf article on
wireless networks 119 pages
click here

  vinnyo123 03:41 01 Dec 2004

superspark I would take a peek here and just for starters do the basic configurations that alot of users don't do. This should be enough just to keep your neighbors or wardrivers on the move past you LOL.Here is a link with some easy configurations that don't come enabled when you buy the hardware.Then if you like you can get deeper into the technology if you like but the basics should be enough.

click here

I just found this link with google and figure I post it instead of typing it all out.It is the basic top ten.

good luck

  Cal 09:46 01 Dec 2004

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