wireless networking woes

  mad1234 11:45 23 Mar 2009

hi guys
i have a small network which has been working fine for about a year. i have 1 pc on this network which i use as a sort of server for the rest. this pc using XP went bang about a month ago & i replaced it with a new one using vista.
i already have one vista machine on the network which is not wireless but wired into the router so i had to connect the new server pc wirelessly to the network. since then i have been having trouble with saving.
i get messages that the disk is full or could not connect to network plus a few others but the network connection looks to be on all the time

Anyone got any suggestions as to what could be wrong?

  howard64 11:56 23 Mar 2009

does your router only have 1 ehternet port? If so I would suggest you put your main pc/server onto ethernet and let the others connect via wireless. I got fed up with poor wireless connectivity, 1 day good the next terible, that I now connect all mine via ethernet - I thought most routers had at least 4 ethernet ports.

  mad1234 12:31 23 Mar 2009

the problem with that is vista... it won't allow 2 vitsa home premium pc's to connect to the same router via ethernet cable that's why i went wireless

  howard64 09:40 24 Mar 2009

I have never heard of that and would suggest that it is a setting perhaps in your router that needs changing. I have done the set up for a small company with 3 vista home premium pcs on a netgear router and they all work perfectly.

  ^wave^ 10:50 24 Mar 2009

i think you should connect the pcs to the router and run the network setup wizard

  mad1234 16:27 24 Mar 2009

thanks for all your suggestions but what i finally decided to do was change the server computer to a one that has XP on it connecting it to the router via ethernet cable & we will see how it goes
i can't remember where i found that 2 vista home premium pc's don't work on the same network when both are connecting via ethernet cables but when i made one wireless it worked.

anyway .... hopefully this will work now so thanks again

  ^wave^ 18:35 24 Mar 2009

check the work group names they are different in xp and vista they have to be the same

  mad1234 07:19 25 Mar 2009

thanks ^wave^ the worknames are the same. i seems to be working much better since i put the XP computer in place of the vista one so i think i will keep it like this & deal with the vista problem when i have to.

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