Wireless Networking Problems

  iamlee 19:11 21 Dec 2005

Hello All, i'm wondering if you can solve where i'm going rong...

I'm trying to connect 2 wireless laptops and a PC to a wireless ADSL router (netgear)

I have connected the wire coming off the filter to the router, the RJ45 cable to the PC, the USB Adapter to two of the laptops even though they got built in wireless connections....

when all the PC's are on they all can detect each other well at least the 2 laptops can with the built in wireless. but for some reason they aint all able to get on the net. Any Ideas? ive checked that "let windows configure it automatically" on all the systems. Also ive configured the router to connect to the correct [email protected]... and password all that connects fine, the problem is sharing the net. can anyone help me pleaseeeeee? i need this to work for xmas :) cheers all


  ade.h 19:36 21 Dec 2005

"the USB Adapter to two of the laptops even though they got built in wireless connections...."


That only serves to introduce more potential for trouble.

  ade.h 19:37 21 Dec 2005

I trust you have configured all your s/w firewalls to allow the network communications.

  iamlee 19:38 21 Dec 2005

well i first of all tried without the adapters but it doesnt seem to be working, all it picks up is the wireless between each laptop and not the router, any ideas?

  Forum Editor 19:40 21 Dec 2005

to the laptops, if they are both WiFi-enabled already?

You say that "they aint all able to get on the net", but I assume that the PC can - via the ethernet cable that's connected to the router?

Is the router's wireless distribution light on?

If it is, the laptops should be detecting the signal, and you'll see a small wireless icon in the system tray (bottom right corner of the screen). Click on it, and you will be presented with a dialogue box showing any wireless networks in range. Click on the one that you've set up, and then click the 'connect' button.

But uninstall those USB adapters first - you don't need them.

  iamlee 19:44 21 Dec 2005

i only added the adapters because, if i connect one adapter to one laptop, and the ethernet to router to pc.. then both connects to net no problem. yep ive tried all that.. pressed connect but doesnt for some reason let me use the net. when i go to start>run>cmd>ipconfig... all that comes up is the ip something like 169....thats for the wifi.. but in actual IP Address its

  Davy 43 19:45 21 Dec 2005

I had problems with my network a while back so asked the forum for help & it worked!
If you have any security software installed, check that it is not preventing you accessing the net, this is one of the most common causes of non-access.
Also, have you set an encryption key (WEP, WPA etc...)All PC's on the network must have the same key as the router.
Hope this is of some help.

  iamlee 19:46 21 Dec 2005

could you tell me from step one how to go about this so it would work first time? say i uninstall the usb stuff, also delete the wifi and everything so when i reboot it will detect wifi whilst the adapters wil be disconnected. but even when i can get the computers to communicate i still cant access the router on ... ive disabled all firewalls, and enabled the wireless service under admin tools

  ade.h 20:21 21 Dec 2005

When I set up my own router recently, it was pretty easy.

Once the router was plugged in and ISP details were entered in its webpage-style interface - no software installed on either PC - the wired desktop PC was seeing the internet connection through the Ethernet link. I ran the Network Setup Wizard and used it to create a setup file on a USB key, which I then accessed on my laptop by running the wizard on there. All that remained was to refresh the wifi list and connect with the WPA password that I had already added to the router. When my firewall asked for a permission protocol for the wireless LAN, I checked the box and okayed it. Job done.

  iamlee 21:10 21 Dec 2005

can i use something else to back it up rather than that USB flash? im limited with time as its for xmas, but im sure as soon as the 2 laptops are commonicating theres no reason why routers shouldnt be ?
this is the one i got only 108mbs
click here=

but i guess all router settings are similar?

  iamlee 07:10 22 Dec 2005

do i need a USB Flashcard? aint there any other way around it because i do not have one

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