Wireless Networking problems

  AndrewLocations 13:00 20 Dec 2005

Hi, hope someone can help me!
I have a laptop and a desktop connecting to the internet through a Belkin Modem/Router with a Phlips Wireless card in the laptop.
After much effort I finally got a LAN up and running with an Ethernet cable connecting the laptop and desktop and each computer could "see" the other one and I could share files and the printer. So far so good. HOWEVER:
When I unplug the ethernet cable and use the wireless card on the laptop neither computer sees the other one and there is obviously no file sharing capability. What is going on? The internet connection works fine on the laptop just not file sharing.

  mgmcc 13:29 20 Dec 2005

If you have firewall software installed, has it been reconfigured to allow access to the networked computers when connecting "wirelessly" via the router, because the IP addresses will be different?

  AndrewLocations 14:08 20 Dec 2005

Hmm. Not sure, but probably not! I am running Zone Alarm (the free version). Sorry to be thick, but do you mean I have to put the IP address of the desktop in the "Trusted Zone" of the firewall on the laptop and vice versa? And why is the IP address different when connecting wirelessly rather than with a "wired" connection??

  PaulB2005 15:42 20 Dec 2005

1) You must set the Trusted Zone Security to Medium.

2) Click on Firewall on the left, click on Zones at the top, click your network, make sure it has Trusted under Zone.

  AndrewLocations 16:24 20 Dec 2005

yup, done all that. I assume the network IP address is that of the router? i.e

  mgmcc 20:06 20 Dec 2005

<<< I assume the network IP address is that of the router? i.e >>>


Click on the Firewall tab on the left and then the Zones tab at the top.

Click the "Add" button and select "Subnet". Enter these settings for a network using a Belkin router -

IP address -

Subnet Mask -

Description - {anything} but it needs an entry.

Click "OK" to enter the Subnet and then click "Apply" to save the settings.

  AndrewLocations 15:49 21 Dec 2005

Tried that but no luck. On the desktop pc in "My network places/view network computers" I can see both the desktop and the laptop. On the laptop it says that the network is not accessible and on neither computer can I see/share files. What is going on???!

  mgmcc 23:16 21 Dec 2005

Do you actually have folders set as "shared" in each PC and do their icons have the hand underneath to show they are "shared". If they were definitely shared previously, check that they haven't lost their shared status.

Can each PC "ping" the other?

If you open a Command Prompt window and run the command "NET VIEW" does that list both computers?

If you type the remote computer's path into the address bar in "My Network Places", is it found?

\\{computer name}

  nontechie 20:55 12 Feb 2006

Just wondering if you have found a solution to this problem as this is exactly the same thing we are currently experiencing but with a DLink DSL G642M router!!! It's driving us mad!!

  keewaa 11:21 13 Feb 2006

nontechie ..I suggest that you start your own thread, and describe your situation and hardware used.

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