Wireless networking problems

  mikeyh57 21:36 13 Nov 2005

We have set up a wireless network using a D-Link dl 524 router which is connected at 54mbs and is showing as excellent strength on our downstairs computer.
we have two further computers upstairs that will not pick up the signal for our wireless network yet regularly pick up a signal for another network which isnt ours.

Any suggestions greatfully recieved.

  mgmcc 08:59 14 Nov 2005

It could be down to what lies between the router and the upstairs computers. I read about one house in which aluminium foil lined the wall cavities for thermal insulation and that killed wireless signals completely.

<<< yet regularly pick up a signal for another network which isnt ours. >>>

You might have a direct line of sight through a window to a neighbour's wireless network.

  TTP 08:42 15 Nov 2005

The desktop will show 54mbs when no connection is made.The possible reason this could be is that the desktop is using-say-channel 9 and the upstairs are on default of channel 11 and thats maybe why you are picking up next doors network(like i was able to...) When you are actually connected to your own network the system tray icon will change colour and speed will probably drop to 36/24mbs(i average 5.5mbs in the same scenario). I presume you have made all the file shares and permissions.If you run winXP, just run the network setup wizard(after checking to see if all wifi cards are using the same channel - while you are in there enable WEP at the very least - Itll be in the cards properties with the channel info)

  TTP 08:49 15 Nov 2005

Make sure all the PC's are in the same workgroup - as they wont talk to each other at all....

  mikeyh57 08:50 15 Nov 2005

Thanks for your posts have resolved the problem by buying a Belkin range extender and the upstairs computers are now working really well.

  Greengage 10:49 15 Nov 2005

Can I ask where you bought the Belkin Range Extender please.

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