Wireless Networking Problems

  heolterrell 10:23 06 Mar 2005

I have a Linksys WUSB54G Wireless adaptor which appears to connect to my Home Ad-Hoc network , it is sending out lots of packets but is not receiving any. The Dell Truemobile 1400 WLAN card in my laptop also appears to connect to my Home Ad-Hoc network, is also sending out loads of packets and is only receiving a few in return. Both computers are running Windows XP SP2. They appear not to be talking to each other, but they are not. Does anybody have any ideas ? Is it the Windows Firewall or am I missing something really simple. Any help would be appreciated. I do not mind being led. I also am told on occasions that I do not have permission to access my network. I am using the Linksys WLAN v2.0 monitor on my desktop. I am also told sometimes that the network path is not found, also on my desktop my I try to access my home network I am told I do not have permission and require to speak to my administrator to have access permissions. I can access the Internet from the desktop without any problems, I use NTL ADSL with a USB Modem

  Greengage 11:26 06 Mar 2005

I may be very wide of the mark here but check the settings under network/TCP/IP for your adapter. Ensure that on the guest machine that the Gateway is shown for the host - I have had many problems setting up networks on my machines, two desktops running Win98SE and a laptop running Win XP home, and no matter which way I have approached things, either setting up with manufacturer's software or attempting the "automatic" Win XP method, they have never worked first time. I have had to work things through and check/guess, to the best of my naive ability, the various settings. I used to think it was the firewall causing all the problems (I have carried out the exercise several times now following installation of new hard drives successively in my desktops)but each time it has been that the Gateway has not been "computed".

  FelixTCat 11:37 06 Mar 2005

First, can you access the internet from every computer? If you can do this, the network is working and it is file sharing that we have to address.
If you cannot access the internet, then it is the network that is failing.

  heolterrell 09:41 07 Mar 2005

Thanks to everybody for their help. I now have a working Wireless Network and I am now able to connect to the Internet from my Laptop through my Wireless Network. To get the 2 Computers talking to each other I had to install "IPX/SPX/NetBIOS Compatible Transport Protocol" on both machines as advised. They would then communicate with each other but I was still unable to connect to the Internet from my laptop through my desktop. I then followed this excellent advice.

”In the Desktop PC, you should enable "Internet Connection Sharing" on the actual Internet connection. Open the Network Connections folder, highlight the internet connection, right click it and select Properties. In the Advanced tab, tick the box for "Allow other network users etc...".

This will automatically configure the "Local Area Connection" (your network adapter) with the IP address and subnet mask

However, as you are using a Wireless Network Adapter, if you also have a conventional "wired" network adapter, this address will be allocated to that. You should therefore disable the "Local Area Connection" before enabling "Internet Connection Sharing" so that the address is allocated to the WiFi adapter.

Which solved all my problems, there were a few problems, in that I enabled "Internet Connection Sharing" before I had disabled the local area connection, you live and learn. Thanks again for everybody’s help.

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