wireless networking problem

  mthreaders 22:55 07 Jan 2003
  mthreaders 22:55 07 Jan 2003

Please could anyone help with the following error that happens when I search for my home pc from my laptop and then click on the home pc from the found search.

"There are currently no logon servers available to service the logon request."

Both systems are running windows 2000 pro and I can ping both systems and can access my files on the laptop from home pc.... just not the other way round.

Any Ideas?

  hellred 09:57 08 Jan 2003

Have you assigned IP addresses to both the PC and the laptop ?
Are they running of the same protocol ??
Remove all others.
Are you sure you are running TCIP and assosiated with microsoft networks ??
Have you mapped al the drives ?
Which is the Host and the Client PC.
You say wireless, what 802.11B and who's hardware?

  jazzypop 10:12 08 Jan 2003

You have set the laptop up to logon to a server. Unless the PC is setup as a server, it's not going to find one, hence the message. You need to setup a peer-to-peer network.

Time to re-read the manual that came with the wireless kit, I think.

  mthreaders 14:21 09 Jan 2003

Jazzypop and hellred

The laptop is configured for use at the office using a domain. and the home pc is configured using a workgroup. both clients for microsoft networks are using the windows locator.

The wireless kit is a belkin access point and in the manual it dicusses setting up the hardware but does not go into the software. there was a utility on the belkin cd rom called belkin netsetup but when i try to run it says it cant be used in windows 2000.

so what is easiest way of getting these machines talking??

I have completed many different computing tasks including building my own pc but networking has to be the hardest and the most frustrating.

I can ping all computers and access points and in the properties i am using file and printer sharing, client for microsoft networks and tcpip.

on home pc i have not done anything else ie map network drives etc.

please help me Im melting......


  jazzypop 15:22 09 Jan 2003

Forget the wireless bit for the moment - this is essentially a red herring at this stage.

The laptop is setup to login to a domain controller (server) at work. When it tries to do so at home, it can't find one, as you are setting up a home peer-to-peer network. Therefore, you need to setup an 'alternative configuration' for the laptop, so that it can connect to either network.

There are several methods of doing this - one method is discussed at click here - see also the link in the top-right corner, 'automatic configuration for multiple networks'. Although this is for XP, I believe the same facilities exist for W2K (I can't check that at the moment).

The other method is to use netshare - click here for a useful explanation.

Once you have your laptop setup to be able to log into either home or office network, you should find that the wireless part just 'drops into place'.

Networking is becoming easier all the time, but you have jumped in at the deep end, by trying to get a laptop pre-configured for a domain server to connect wirelessly to your new home network :)

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