Wireless networking and printer sharing

  kevvyb 17:12 10 Dec 2004

To share a printer over a wireless network I assume the printer hardware needs to be set up on all machines?? Is that correct?

Might also want to share a scanner. Can this be done in the same way?

  woodt 17:20 10 Dec 2004

When you add a printer using the wizard it will ask/warn about new drivers so I dont know if preinstalling will make any difference.

  Jeffers22 17:24 10 Dec 2004

If your printer is network capable, when you add a printer to the client PC the wizard should ask you whether you want to install a local printer or a network printer. Different printers have different preferences in terms of how the software/drivers are installed so get hold of a manual and follow the instructions. Often it is just a case of browsing to the printer on the network and selecting that. (within the add printer wizard)

  kevvyb 11:29 11 Dec 2004

Thanks for that. I am getting there....slowly.

I now have got the wireless connection up and running but only when I have SSID broadcast set to ON. Should my laptop be able to connect with the SSID broadcast off? I thought that this was meant to be possible to afford greater security.

Am using WPA with a manual key TKIP.

  kevvyb 20:26 12 Dec 2004

Could anyone give me any guidance as to how I might configure ZoneAlarm to allow file sharing across the wireless network that I now have running.

I also have the file and print sharing running but only with ZA dropped at both ends. :?

Being very cautious I would like to keep ZA running as well as the hardware firewall in my router.

Have tried adding IP address of one of the pc's to ZA zones list.

Am now going to see if I have to add a subnet mask as well....?

  Jeffers22 12:09 13 Dec 2004

Have we been talking on the HyperOs forum?

To your question: You will need all computers to have individual names but be on the same workgroup name. XP defaults to MSHOME & Win98 defaults to WORKGROUP. If you run the network setup wizard in XP it should do all that for you and when the floppy you create is run on the other PC(s) all should be in order in terms of workgroup name and subnet address.

You will of course need to right click on the printer(s) and share them.


  Modo 14:51 13 Dec 2004

Read this thread.

click here

Come back if these first two steps don't uncover the problem I emphasize make sure ZA knows the address of your AP if you are using one.

  woodt 16:40 13 Dec 2004

In ZA go to Firewall/Zones/Add/Subnet. In the Trusted Zone enter the IP address and subnet of your router, something like and, call it Home Network.

Also Add in IP range to include all the PCs on your network i.e. call that Home Network

Set Firewall/Trusted Zone Security to Medium

  kevvyb 20:41 13 Dec 2004

Jeffers, probably, I've been quite active on various forums just recently. Have already configured as you suggest.

Modo, Thanks, will take a look.

woodt, in ZA trusted zone on desktop I have entered for my notebook.

in ZA trusted zone on notebook I have entered

This allows internet access wirelessly from notebook via router :) BUT when I engage ZA's internet lock the notebook cannot share files and printer. Diengage the lock and I can. Is there a way of configuring ZA to allow file and printer sharing? I have ZA free.

Additionally I have noticed something call the MAC address filtering list which lists my notebook with a different ip address. Is it okay to add this to the MAC filtering list for extra security? If I wasn't getting totally confused last night I think I did have the router configured this way and working subject to te provisos re ZA internet lock.

  steven_frost 20:54 13 Dec 2004

you wont be able to share a scanner across a network i have tryed this and sorry to sya it wont work

  kevvyb 21:38 13 Dec 2004

Hi Steven,

Thanks for that response. Yes, so it seems.

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