wireless networking plz help

  laurie_datlen 17:30 07 Sep 2005

i have just bought a new laptop and it has wirless lan. there is a wifi connection i want to connect to and it says it is an unsecured conection so has open access. upon connecting to this it takes ages to aquire an ip address and then says limited or no connectivited. However it is sending packets (very slowly) but not reciving them.

plz can u help



  johnnyrocker 17:37 07 Sep 2005

re boot from scratch ie modem or whatever is your supply, leave for 20 secs and boot router, fially laptop after a further 30 secs if not ok go to start/run cmd and in the prompt box type ipconfig see what ip address it comes up with anything other than 192 etc and in particular a 169 which would mean wireless is likely switched off on laptop.


  johnnyrocker 17:41 07 Sep 2005

or you could try a post in network forum;))


  laurie_datlen 17:46 07 Sep 2005

sorry mate this didnt help, wireless lan is def turned on and my ip address starts with 169. i know its turned on cause it connects to the wifi connection i want to but says limted or no connectivity. im not sure if its because the wifi has a firewall.

  johnnyrocker 17:50 07 Sep 2005

169 is a self generated ip address by the machine when it cant connect to anything, are you in the uk? if you are with ip address of 169 means you are definately not connected to the router, have you tried the reboot as i described because the path consists of 3 ip addresses and if one cant be found in the chain the result is no internet.


  laurie_datlen 17:53 07 Sep 2005

i didnt understand what u said by reboot. i havent got a router i just have a laptop with wireless lan card and it says there is a wirless network device in range which is a wifi device. i tried to connect to it and it says limted or no connectivity

  johnnyrocker 18:00 07 Sep 2005

if it is not your own connection it is very likely password protected, if in a public place you will need to pay owner for access.


  laurie_datlen 19:11 07 Sep 2005

I have managed to bypass the limited or no connectivity message and its now connected to the network. As it is a wifi network i want to access the internet but i have no idea how to do this.

your help would be much apprectaed

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:00 07 Sep 2005
  Strawballs 21:13 07 Sep 2005

You say "there is a wifi network that you want to connect to" is it your network or just one that you have picked up locally

  johnnyrocker 01:00 08 Sep 2005

i have already asked that in prob one of his other posts and i suspect a wind up


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