Wireless Networking no broadband speed

  Grannykath1 21:59 04 Dec 2006

I have a home network using a BT1800HG Hub and tiscali broadband. One of the computers is connecting to internet but has a dial up speed not broadband. Can anyone help.......please

  Ashrich 23:20 04 Dec 2006

What do you mean by " dial up speed " can you clarify please ?


  Grannykath1 23:26 04 Dec 2006

If my memory serves correctly it is 24mbps whereas the main pc is 10.0

  Ashrich 23:36 04 Dec 2006

That sounds like network throughput not Internet speed , is the slower PC connecting via wireless ? , is it only connecting at 10mb/second which may mean it only has a 802.11b wireless adapter ...connect to the Internet and click here on the right you can check your actual download speed .


  Grannykath1 23:49 04 Dec 2006

Right here goes:- the main pc has the hub/router connected to it I ran the test and got this Date 04/12/06 23:42:24
Speed Up 240.27 Kbps ( 0.2 Mbps )
Speed Down 851.51 Kbps ( 0.8 Mbps )

The other laptops I have wireless through the router all work fine but the one that I am having problems with runs on what I would call a dial up connection speed, very slow, connection sometimes drops out, these are all intermittent problems, however I have a suspicion that the slow pc although connected is not configured but I cant seem to do anything about it. Any help would be appreciated unfortunately BT wont help because I dont use them, my ISP is tiscali but they wont help as it is a BT router I have been struggling with this for about 6months and am getting very frustrated. Thanks for help so far

  Grannykath1 00:13 05 Dec 2006

Thought it might be useful to run the speedtest on the slow pc which has the wireless connection to the router and got these results
Date 05/12/06 00:12:03
Speed Up 107.06 Kbps ( 0.1 Mbps )
Speed Down 257.54 Kbps ( 0.3 Mbps )

  Aargh 13:08 05 Dec 2006

What Broadband package do you have? I presume you are speaking about internet connection speed rather than network speed between your computers?

I would suspect it is line conditions more than your router.

If you're on 1mb package, your speed is about right, if you're on 2mb, it's not great, and if you're on an 8mb max package, it's very poor!

If you have a line fault or live a long way from the exchange it can always have an effect on speed. I'd set up your router correctly then have a real go at tiscali. Theyll blame BT, but you have a contract with both for a service.

  Grannykath1 14:30 05 Dec 2006

I am on about the speed between the computers the main pc that the router connects to is fine no problems at all. The other computer connects wirelessly to internet, but the speed is very slow the line itself was checked both by BT and Tiscali and it is spot on, so it is the network speed of the slow one that needs sorted. But no one will take responsibility for that, because the incoming speed for my 1MB Package is fine. Hope this clarifies. Thanks for help.

  Aargh 14:57 05 Dec 2006

OK. What you have published appears to be your internet connection speed, and the first set of figures are about right for a 1mb connection.

The speed 'between' computers is likely to be fine (this depends on what wireless standard you use).

I think what you are experiencing is the competition or 'contention' between the two PC's for line speed.

Broadband works in a way that your line cannot deliver a 1mb connection to both computers at the same time, it will share it between the two.

If your 'main' PC is wired directly to your router, this will 'hog' the connection and reduce the bandwidth available to the wireless pc. The only way to improve it is to only connect to the internet with one pc at a time.

When you did the speed test on the wireless pc, was the other one also connected to the internet and doing anything? If yes, that will explain the slower speed for the wireless pc.

  Grannykath1 15:19 05 Dec 2006

I dont know if you read my previous posts but I have a large network, all the others have fast speeds except the one that runs slow and it doesnt seem to make any difference if they are on or off including the one that has the router attached, which seems a bit strange, any further help would be appreciated.

  Aargh 15:52 05 Dec 2006

When you say you have a large network, how many PC's are connected to it?

If your Broadband connection is only 1mb then you have to sub divide this by the number of computers trying to use it.

If for example you could connect at a true 1mb speed, when you connect two computers doing equal internet tasks, it will in theory mean the maximum available to either pc is a connection speed of 0.5 mb and so on.

It's not actually quite as simple as that, but the more computers you have connected, the slower each will be, but some will be faster than others.

Network speed is dependant on your router standard. I am on a wireless 802.11g standard with a theoretical maximum of 54mps. This is NOT the internet connection speed, but the speed over the wireless connection between pc's on the network.

You will struggle with fast speeds on large network only connected to a 1mb broadband connection for reasons given above.

If all your wireless computers are using the same wireless standard, and functioning correctly, the only way to improve is get a faster broadband connection.

If your wireless router works on 'wireless g' standard, are any of your computers 'wireless b', and have you got the router working in 'mixed b + g' mode?

If this is the case, any computer operating on 'b' will be slower than those on g. You could check and if necessary change all your wireless adapters over to g and set the router to g only.

However, more than one pc connected to 1mb broadband will result in slower connection speeds.

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