Wireless networking with Linksys

  loneranger 16:05 22 Mar 2003

I have 3 XP computers and have just bought 3 linksys USB networking hubs. The configuration instructions for a complete novice are a bit vague. Has anyone used this system and can write easy to understand details for an utter novice?

  John-259217 17:51 22 Mar 2003

Yes & no ! (but I`ll try anyway.)First install the network adaptors and wireless software on two of your systems. Run the wireless config. program and make sure the settings match on both systems and that they are set up for peer to peer or ad-hoc use (not infrastructure). If all is well both computers should show a detected wireless network. Now run the XP network setup wizard on both computers, it works quite well and takes care of all file and print sharing for you. If everything is ok you should be able to access My Network Places and "see" the 2nd system adding the third system should now be easy! By the way it sometimes takes XP a few minutes to realize a network is present which does`nt help matters.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:20 22 Mar 2003

I would be interested to hear any more posts about the linksys USB wireless as I will shortly be buying 4 of them to link 4 XP computers in the same room.


  Forum Editor 23:32 22 Mar 2003

is Linksys based - although there's a bit of ethernet mixed in for good measure.

I run a Linksys 2.4Ghz WAP11 wireless access point, and this is connected to my network hub. The hub's there because my wife has a home office, and her machine shares my ADSL connection via an ethernet connection which runs off the hub to her machine. She doesn't like the idea of a wireless connection (don't ask).

Otherwise, all other machines (2 desktops and a laptop) have USB Linksys wireless adapters - except the laptop which has a PCMCIA card adapter.

It all works perfectly in Windows XP - which is on all machines except my wife's Win ME machine - and the Linksys adapters were very easy to set up. The important thing (as with any simple network) is to ensure that the machines all have the same workgroup name (MSHOME by default) and that each machine has its own unique name on the network. I find that it's best to turn off all firewalls except the one on the computer that's directly connected to the internet - otherwise the firewall defaults will stop access to shared resources and prevent file transfer.

I rarely have a problem getting a good connection on the laptop. I can even use it in the garden, and there's no substitute for editing this forum under a shady tree without a wire or cable in sight.

  John-259217 00:37 23 Mar 2003


Interested to see your wife did`nt like the idea! My g/f was much happier with no wires, sockets etc. Seriously tho if she has concerns about security it sounds as if your arrangement may still allow wireless attackers thru to her system. If its exposure to rf emissions thats a worry then I`m afraid lots of common stuff runs at 2.4ghz and a sensibly positioned wireless adapter should not be any more of a concern than say a cordless telephone. Agree with your point about firewalls I use Norton which can be fiddly to configure when it feels like it.

  Gaz 25 00:50 23 Mar 2003

she may aswell have a Wireless Connection herself, as if the wireless access point is connected to the bub is wife is, then it could still allow an attacker in.

My Access point has a control on it for range and it now will not go out of my house so anyone outside cannot pick up the frequencies.

  Forum Editor 00:54 23 Mar 2003

My wife's objections aren't anything to do with radio frequencies (she's in the medical profession, and knows all about that). She works with patients' medical data, and is concerned (rightly so) about security.

She knows that there's no such thing as a totally secure network, but an ethernet network is a heck of a sight more secure than wireless - even the infrastructure network I run. I work with networks (of both types) pretty much every day, and I have to agree with her. My network is fine for home use, and the chance of an intruder appearing is remote in the extreme, but............there's always that chance.

  Forum Editor 00:56 23 Mar 2003

and it's mostly my fault - so let's stick to answering loneranger's question from now on.

  Gaz 25 01:01 23 Mar 2003

Just make sure you cover the security issues.

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