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  bulldog1957 16:27 23 Apr 2004

I am new to wireless networking so i need all the help and advice i can get, i have broadband connection (NTL). i wish to use a wireless network to connect the main pc in the house to a laptop. What do i need, and will it affect the internet speed, particularly on the main P.C.

  lixdexik 18:19 23 Apr 2004

about setting up a wireless network.

"The best way to do this
would be to buy a wireless router and plug the cable modem into it.
Then get a wireless network adapter for your computer - either internal PCI or, if you're not keen to open up the case, an external USB model - either type will work well.

Get a PCMCIA card type adapter for the laptop, although a new one may come with a wireless adapter already fitted.

1. Connect the router to the modem.

2. Connect the laptop to the router, using the USB cable that comes with the router.

3. Follow the instructions to set up the router.

4. Install the wireless network adapter software on both the laptop and the PC BEFORE you connect the adapters.

5. Fire up both computers and watch Windows detect the adapters and install the software.

6. To network the computers, run the home networking wizard on the laptop (Windows XP), and when it asks you if you want to make a floppy disk for use on other computers say yes. (always assuming you have a floppy drive in the laptop - if you don't you'll have to skip this).

7. Insert the floppy disk in the PC and start it. Follow the prompts to set up your network.

N.B. - all computers on a home network must have the same workgroup name - accept the default MSHOME unless you have a reason not to.

The router will automatically establish the connection via the modem whenever it's switched on."

"you can easily add another laptop - just repeat the network adapter installation routine and use the networking wizard floppy to add it to the network.
The advantage to using a wireless router is that any computer can access the internet without any of the others having to be switched on - there's no 'host' machine. This means that each computer must have its own firewall and AV software installed - although some routers (not all) have their own inbuilt firewall."

I hope this helps.

Thanks to the FE

Cheers Lixdexik.

  pmjd 18:30 23 Apr 2004

You will need to buy a wireless PCMCIA card for the laptop and a wireless PCI card for the desktop.
click here
for desktop
& for laptop
click here

I would reccomend getting ones that conform to the wireless G standard. This is the fastest current wireless standard, allowing data transmission at 54 Mbps.

As it is only two computers I think you can use a simple connection share to allow them to talk to one another and use the broadband connection. But remember that you'll need to leave the main PC on in order for it to use.

This shouldn't affect the speed of your main computer too much but it is acting as a relay for the other so may impact a bit

There are other options like wireless routers which I have setup but I have to dash off.
Will explain later if your interested

Hope this helps

  Doogie Howser 18:59 23 Apr 2004

If your modem is ethernet then proceed as per FEs advice. If you've only got a USB modem you're better off buying a wireless router with an integral modem and ditching the USB modem.

The problem with a USB modem is that it will have to be run through one of your PCs which means that PC will have to be on all the time as pmjd has said.

I'm using the Netgear DG834G which is superb. You can hardwire it in to one PC so you only need to buy a wireless card (Netgear WAG511) for your laptop. It certainly will not slow your internet speed down and some people claim it speeds it up. I got mine from amazon.

  SEASHANTY 19:20 23 Apr 2004

As you are with NTL I presume your setup is cable.
I currently use a Linksys BEFSR41 combined router with a four port switch for my NTL wired network. Should I decide to go wireless in the future I will
probably go with the Linksys wireless g setup
click here

  bulldog1957 08:41 25 Apr 2004

Thanks for all the advice above, however this raises more questions (ithink).
i am using a cable modem so presumably i connect the router to that, if so can either computers (P.C. or Laptop) be used independantly of each other being turned on or do i need to keep one computer swithced on to use the other one on the net. The cable modem is nowhere near either PC as i was originally with ntl for t.v. so the moden is near the t.v. and the main P.C. is at the other end of the house.
This raises another question, how far away can the pc or laptop be from the wireless router.

  LeadingMNMs 09:01 25 Apr 2004

If the modem is connected directly to the router then either computer is independant of the other in terms of internet access. There should be adequate signal throughout your house, as long as your house isn't too big (I have excellent signal strength through my 4 bedroom detached). Theoretically the limits for a 802.11b wireless connection is about 120m with 802.11g being less.

  SEASHANTY 14:42 25 Apr 2004

So far so good. This Linksys Education website will
explain it all for you in great detail.
click here

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