Wireless Networking Hell!! Can anybody help?

  happymonkey 11:14 14 Feb 2008

I would appreciate any help from the technical gurus on the forums. I bought a laptop of Ebay for my young niece (Compaq Evo N600c). I have an old Netgear wireless USB adaptor that I was going to give to her too. I have tried setting it up at my home first and I am getting nowhere.

The adaptor is working fine on another laptop so I know it's not that. I have taken off encryption on my Sky router too. The Sky router is showing as available in the Wireless network connection box but if I select it and click connect, nothing happens. The pop up box just reappears saying wireless networks available. It's my nieces birthday tomorrow and I wanted to have it all up and running for her.

Any thoughts guys?

  rossgolf 11:25 14 Feb 2008

can you give us some laptop specs

  happymonkey 11:48 14 Feb 2008

Hi Ross,

The laptop is a Compaq Evo N600c running Windows Xp professional. The network adaptor is a Netgear MA101 USB.

  happymonkey 15:10 14 Feb 2008



  MAJ 15:17 14 Feb 2008

Is the adapter working okay on the other laptop when you're using your connection or is it working okay on the other laptop using another connection?

  happymonkey 18:44 16 Feb 2008

Maj, the adaptor works fine on another laptop using the same connection. I'm ready to throw the laptop through the window. I have been trawling the net for 4 days trying to find a solution. I have downloaded a trial version of Network Magic and it finds the wireless network straight away and sais the signal is excellent, but when I click on the connect button it comes up with a list of possible reasons why it can't connect. including a weak signal, security features enabled on the router ( I have switched the security off).

I really am at the end of my tether and don't know what to try next. I would really appreciate any help offered.


  2neat 19:49 16 Feb 2008

I would use the PC card slot and fit a proper wi-fi card. Dropping security on router is not the answer.
Good luck & let us know how you get on

  Ashrich 20:52 16 Feb 2008

Are you using the latest available drivers with this adapter ? These are the latest I can find , click here , try letting Windows manage the connection as well , usually makes a better job of it than the Netgear Utilities . Only use WEP with htis adapter , it won't be able to cope with WPA ( at least I don't think so , you could try if you have service pack 2 installed for XP ) .


  Ashrich 20:59 16 Feb 2008

To let Windows XP manage your wireless connection , go to start/settings/network connections/ select wireless adapter , right click , select " properties " middle tab " wireless networks " tick the box that says " Allow Windows to configure my wireless networks " ( or words to that effect ) Ok back to desktop , double click on wireless icon ( single screen with cross through it ) allow to scan for networks , select yours , enter security key if enabled , click on " connect " .


  happymonkey 10:26 17 Feb 2008


Firstly, can I thank you all for the replies. I have tried everything to get it to connect to my Sky router, including the steps outlined in Ashley's post, but to no avail. Last night however, I went to my cousin's who has Virgin cable broadband and guess what, it connected straight away. I came back home and tried it again but it still will not connect to the Sky router. My Dell laptop however connects flawlessly.

I have taken 12 parecetemol over the last couple of days but the headaches continue. Any more advice guys?

  zit 16:16 17 Feb 2008

Have you checked that your sky router is allowing the new laptops MAC address to use it

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