Wireless networking - dummy requires assistance!

  Eagie 22:17 06 Sep 2004

I have a wireless broadband router that is connected via a cable to my desktop and wirelessly to my laptop. Sharing the internet connection is no problem but I can't seem to get the two computers to see each other on a network so they can share files and a printer.

I am sure that it is dead easy but I can't seem to get my head round it at the moment. Can someone please let me know what I need to do (it reasonably simple terms!)?

Both machines are running XP pro (have tried using the wizard but it loses the Internet connection on my desktop).



  johnsims 22:26 06 Sep 2004

When you say you have tried using the wizard, did you create a floppy from the desktop and then take the floppy to the laptop and run the netsetup.exe file on it?

  woodt 22:27 06 Sep 2004

are you using any software firewalls?

  woodt 22:32 06 Sep 2004

With both machines running XP Pro it should not be necessary to create a floppy. When using the wizard make sure you select the option that says something like...this computer connects to the internet via a gateway. Also select 'ignore diconnected items' or something like that. Also look under My Network Places and then Network Connections, if there is a bridge there delete it.

  woodt 22:34 06 Sep 2004

This website might help click here

  Eagie 12:35 07 Sep 2004

Thanks for the help. Your faith with the networking wizards prompted me to try it again, along with running the wireless wizard.

All seems to be operational - maybe the problem I previously was rectified when I installed sp2.



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