Wireless Networking & Dial Up!!!!

  Colonelkaye 16:52 23 Jul 2004

I am at the pulling my hair out stage.

Unfortunatley I cannot get broadband. However, after many hrs surfing I have installed wireless network cards in this PC and my kids 2 pc's upstairs.
All PC's are connected on the SSID ID but they cannot get onto the internet from upstairs nor share my printer.
How do I get the network card to access the net via the dial up connection?
How do I get the PC's upstairs to then connect to the net etc.....
The instructions are absolutley c**p as is the install cd.
Are wireless netwiork (802.11b) cards for broadband only?
Have I wasted my money!!!

Help Help Help

  pmjd 17:45 23 Jul 2004

Lets see what we can do....

First of all don't worry, money hasn't been wasted as these cards are just like a network card nothing to do with broadband.

How have you setup your network? Does the router plug in to your PC and connect wirelessly to the PC's upstairs or are they all connected wirelessly?

Can all the computers seeone another on the network neighbourhood? If so good, we can make a start. If not make sure they are all in the same "workgroup".

In order to share a printer it has to be set as a shared resource, usually by right clicking on the printer and choose "sharing" and allow it to be shared. Once done a little hand icon should appear under the printer icon. To use the printer on the other computers just install as for a normal printer but remember to pick the Networked printer option.

For sharing dial up you will need to make your computer the gateway. If you have windows XP right click on the connection you use (in the network connections window) and choose properties. The last tab on the right marked "Advanced" has all the bits you need and is fairly straight forward.

Hope this is of use and please ask if you have any more questions.


  Colonelkaye 18:10 23 Jul 2004


Lets go.

1) I was told that as long as I selected "Ad Hoc" network I did not need a router. My PC in escence is the router?
2) The computers do not seem to see each other on the neighbourhood. I have run the wizard over and over using the setup disk but I seem to get no where. Many moons ago I had a wired network and this was straightforward!!!
3) I have set the printer as you indicated and on the PC upstairs I set it up as a network one. It then asked me to click below and I selected "MSHOME" (the name) but the printer does not appear??!!!

This should shed some more light me-thinks!!

  pmjd 18:23 23 Jul 2004

Found this link
click here
don't know if it will be of any help with all the problems you seem to be stuck with!

Didn't realise that you were using an Ad Hoc setup, something I'm not very familiar with I'm afraid. I use a wireless BB router and it has been working fine and lets me communicate with the wired computers and their printers.

If nothing is appearing on the network neighbourhood try some good old fashioned commands. Though make sure they are all on the same workgroup. You'll find it in the "system" part of the control panel. Change them all to the same name "Colonel Kaye" for example, reboot and see if they can see one another. If not try a few commands.

From "Run" type "cmd" and hit enter. In the dos box type "net view". if properly networked you should see the other computers and at least you know that you've got a connection.

Router might be less hassle in the end but does mean spending more money.

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