wireless networking control

  Rtus 17:56 22 Mar 2008

Is there any software that enables admin (main account user)to control the access to pages viewed on a wireless network.
While giving what appears as normal access to internet reasearch sites for my grandkids. I want to be able to filter /block unsuitable chat/Bebo/myface etc sites
Any suggestions.. Run Win Xp With belkin router /wifi on 1 Broadband account & have 3 additional units coupled via wifi adapters.

  MAJ 18:38 22 Mar 2008

Some routers give you the option to block certain sites. I'm not using the my router (Linksys) at the moment but the setting is on the router's config page. If they are using your computers, you could also try the Content Advisor in IE.

  Rtus 20:03 22 Mar 2008

Im using Belkin F5D7633uk4A which as far as I understand offers to block access to any of the Ip address connecting to the router. not what I want I want to stop acccess to various sites.
the use of Content Advisor in IE has to be set on each machine & is easily reset.Which is why Ive asked if I can control the wifi through my router filtering at this point stop anyone other than myself gaining access to that setting.router & main computer is in my office .and not freely available to others to use.
Thanks Maj

  Kemistri 21:58 22 Mar 2008

Does your interface not list Web Filtering under the Firewall heading? Other Belkins have this.

  MAJ 02:15 23 Mar 2008

Have just checked my Linksys, it allows blocking by URL and Keyword, as well as the usual options of IP blocking etc.

  setecio 08:45 23 Mar 2008

If you blocked myspace / bebo there will be millions of other undesirable sites.

If you block all and only allow ones you define, then it will be a bit restrictive.

The like of cyberpatrol work installed on the PC.

Unless you find a router designed for the purpose, the only way I can think of is to use an Internet Connection Sharing setup where your PC access the internet and has cyberpatrol installed, and then the other PCs link to your PC and access through it, doing away with the router.

I'm surprised that a central router controlled parental control system is not readily available, in the same way I'm surprised that more routers don't have a USB port to allow easy network printer / NAS access.

  Rtus 11:25 23 Mar 2008

will look at anything the posts suggest.My Isp supposed to offer filtering but at a price.&will check that option out too. thanks.

  Rtus 19:39 28 Jun 2008

My apologies I thought Id ticked it as resolved .However the outcome was I used the ISP to filter it.

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