Wireless networking chaos! Help!

  musigal86 23:35 14 Oct 2006

(Have posted this here as person in helproom suggested it so sorry if you read this twice!)

Hi, if anyone has ANY ideas here I'd be grateful as I'm this close to smashing up things :)

We have a Wanadoo Livebox wireless network in our house, works fine through my laptop and 2 of my housemates. Other housemate has bought brand new laptop, and I'm trying to connect it to the network too. I've done everything I'm supposed to, but it gets to the final point, where it recognises the network, I click connect and enter the WEP key, and after much deliberation and 'waiting for the network', it just won't connect. After fiddling with various options (trial and error) in the network settings, the wireless card settings etc, sometimes it will now get to 'acquiring network address' but still won't connect! The computer is an Acer aspire 1500, with a Belkin wireless card, on XP.

It just doesn't make any sense to me, as the other 2 laptops connected fine (as did his old computer) but nothing seems to work here, and the help/support centre is useless. I've tried everything logical I think, so I need some techy knowledge now!

Many, many thanks for any tips!

  STREETWORK 08:30 15 Oct 2006

Are the other PC's connected at the time of makeing a new connection?

If so, disconnect them and try again...

  Tim1964 10:41 15 Oct 2006

Is the Livebox set up to only accept a certain number of connections?
Is the security setting for MAC filtering allowing the new lappy in?

  musigal86 14:22 15 Oct 2006

Hi, thanks for replies. Have tried disconnecting others to no avail. And the Livebox can accept all 4 computers, it did a few weeks ago and I've checked and it says it still does! No problem with filtering as far as I can see...

  Forum Editor 14:30 15 Oct 2006

as if the livebox isn't assigning an IP address to the new laptop.

I'm not familiar with the livebox, but most wireless routers have an option for you to manually assign addresses to specific computers on a network. Do you know if you can do this in your livebox configuration settings?

  musigal86 14:55 15 Oct 2006

Hi, thanks for your reply. I went into the livebox configuration pages and got the ip address and various other numbers, and manualy put them into the new computer, but it's still not connecting. Not even getting to 'acquiring network address' now, just trying for ages then stopping with no explanation. Any ideas? Or have I done something wrong changing ip settings?

  Strawballs 15:01 15 Oct 2006

You say you are using a Belkin wireless card, is the Laptopnot already wireless enabled if so have you dissabled onboard wireless.

  musigal86 15:04 15 Oct 2006

We have disabled the inbuilt wireless, only the Belkin card enabled. On that note, can you explain what B and B/G Mix means? The inbuilt says B and the Belkin B/G Mix. Thank you!

  Danoh 19:21 15 Oct 2006

1) Refresh the new laptop's assigned IP address, by;
Start> Run> and type in the following without the quotation marks, and press enter;
"ipconfig /release"
"ipconfig /renew"

2) If the new laptop has built in wireless, why is a separate Belkin wireless card needed?

3) Just one Preferred Wireless Network
If you are only using Windows XP's wireless networking rather then a Belkin wireless utility, it will be worthwhile setting up just one "preferred wireless network" on the new laptop, and delete everything else.

  Danoh 19:25 15 Oct 2006

4) What B and B/G Mix means
Wireless functions can transmit using different languages or protocols; IEEE 802.11b and 802.11g standards in this case.
The B refers to the former and G, the later.
If you have no legacy wireless kit that can only handle 802.11b, it is always better to ONLY transmit in the more capable 802.11g
If you have a mix of B & G, then you have to select the B/G mix for all kit to work wirelessly.

  musigal86 21:56 18 Oct 2006

Hi, thanks so much for your help. Still not connecting....!

We are now using the inbuilt rather than the Belkin (not sure why he had Belkin in first place, I think he thought he'd get better connection or something!) and have done the release/renew of IP address. Have set it to just B not B/G mix.

We've noticed that although we have a WEP key and set it as this and enter it, the settings box keeps defaulting to WPA-PSK with TKip encryption, is this something to do with it?

It's probably something really simple that I haven't done/have done wrong but I only have basic knowledge and can't figure it out!

Thanks so much!

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