Wireless networking between ME and XP

  chalkie 18:09 12 Jul 2004

Having set up a wirless ICS with a Belkin Router with no problems between a desktop running ME and a Laptop running XP Home to share the my BBand connection, I now want to setup the wireless network to run between the 2 computers in order to share resources etc.

I ran the network wizard on the ME computer it completed but how do I get the XP computer to find it? I am not using Windows ICS on any of the computers. I have tried but the computers do not want to see each other. The XP computer wanted to provide a Floppy disk but it does not have one!!

Can anyone help.

  AndySD 18:36 12 Jul 2004

If you have the full windows xp cd then put it in the ME computer and at the option screen that starts choose "Perform Additional Tasks" then "Setup a small home network"

  chalkie 18:55 12 Jul 2004

Unfortunately XP was preinstalled on the laptop. So no CD. The computers appear on the routers interface by the way so the do know they exist!

  hellred 13:23 13 Jul 2004

You run the network wizard on the Desktop and ask it to make a floppy, which you then run on the laptop(if the laptop has no floppy just set up the wireless card and set everything to auto,you have to make sure that you have set each PC up with a different name and they are on the same workgroup (ie. Home). Then you need to set the drives and devices (Printers etc.)you want to share to share or else you cant see them. Then you map the network drives from each maschine or else they cant be acsessed.Set the IE on the laptop to connect via LAN only (delete any dialups)and make sur that ICS is active, that should be it.

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